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“Ready to leave the ICU”. Pele improves after the operation

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Brazil breathes a sigh of relief for the health conditions of Pele, legendary green-gold of football, ready to leave the intensive care unit of the hospital Albert Einstein of São Paulo, a few days after surgery to remove a suspected colon cancer. This was announced by one of the daughters of football legend Kely Nasciment. “He’s recovering well from the operation. He has no pain, he is in a good mood (just a little angry because he can only eat jelly but he will be fine!) », Joked the daughter on her Instagram account where she posted a photo of her smiling father. He is “ready to get out of the ICU and go home early,” he wrote.

In an English version of the same post, Kely Nascimento added that the three-time world champion (1958, 1962, 1970) will be transferred to another ward “in a day or two and then he will go home”.

The photo, captured by a video call with his daughter, shows the legendary Brazilian former footballer, nicknamed Gasolina, smiling and visibly cheerful. “He’s strong and stubborn and with the support and care of Einstein’s brilliant team (the hospital, ed) and all the love, energy and light the whole world is sending out, he’ll make it!” he concluded.

Last Friday Pele had posted a reassuring message on his Instagram account: «My friends, every day that passes, I feel a little better. I can’t wait to get back to playing, but I’ll rest for a few more days ».

The latest medical report, released the same day by the Albert Einstein hospital in São Paulo, indicated that “patient Edson Arantes do Nascimento is recovering satisfactorily, is conscious, speaks normally and maintains normal vital signs”. The tumor was discovered during routine examinations, the hospital where “O Rey” has been hospitalized since August 31 explained earlier.

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