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Reggio, Uglietti: “Against Trento it will be fundamental”.

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Reggio, Uglietti: “Against Trento it will be fundamental”.

Speaking to the “Gazzetta di Reggio†, Lorenzo Uglietti commented on the defeat against Napoli in overtime in the Italian Cup: “The defeat against Napoli is a sort of open wound for me, but if we transform this anger into the right ardor this it could help us in the next fundamental matches”.

How is the settlement of the new Tarik Black center going in the team? “We are still at the beginning of learning, we have done little training. There are still almost ten days between now and the first match and a friendly match. Tarik is certainly a very strong player. He’s a big man who doesn’t need many possessions to get into rhythm. To give us a hand and be of service to the team he doesn’t need many balls and this is fundamental. He will be an extra weapon in the area. At that point of the pitch it will give us greater dimensionality and solidity and will be an extra boost in defence, which was all we were missing.”

UNAHOTELS will restart on Saturday 2 March in the very important match against Trento: “To say that the match against Trento is fundamental is an understatement. For now we’re not working on it too much yet, because we’re focused on inserting Tarik, but we’re already there in our minds. We have already been there since last Saturday”.

On a personal level, what are Uglietti’s objectives? “I want to improve myself more and more. Clean up management, turnovers and empty passes, to become increasingly reliable. Avoiding wrong choices, giving the right pace at the right time are all aspects that can help me make a further leap in quality”.

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