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Riso Scotti dreams of Tomassini in the role of play guard and is also looking for a young player

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Play in Verona in A2, however complicated negotiations Venucci, no return. A wing-pivot under the other goal


The market dream of Riso Scotti, on the hunt for a new play-guard, is Claudio Tomassini, who plays in Verona, in Serie A2. Widely used, this is true, but it must be understood whether the renewal of the contract interests him or not and Pavia could fit into this doubt. An attempt was also made with the former Mattia Venucci, now in Piombino, which however would have refused to return to the PalaRavizza in order not to leave the family. However, time is running out, an incoming transaction must necessarily be concluded by Sunday. Pavia thinks about two grafts: an expert play to work alongside the young Andrea Calzavara, after Alex’s cut Simoncelli and an under in the role of pivot winger: two new players is also the request of coach Fabio Di Bella. The announcement of the new purchase, expected yesterday, has been postponed: today could be the new time. The coach from Pavia asks for a director with points in his hands who can give a quality contribution even by coming off the bench, letting Calzavara catch his breath and taking the situation directly in hand if necessary; a young pivot winger then responds to a player characteristic that is missing from the Omnia roster today.

The moves of the rivals

Meanwhile, Omegna, the next opponent of Riso Scotti, after signing Mirko Turel to replace the unfortunate Andrea Piazza, formerly of Pavia, who broke his cruciate ligament, is looking for another piece to replace the long one Balanzoni, still out for a few months. In this regard, the specialized site “Spicchi d’Arancia” relaunches the name of Federico Burini. The negotiation would be well advanced. Burini should leave the A2 of Nardò (11g, 1.9ppg, 1.9rpg, 0.8apg) and after having rejected the proposal of Taranto he is now trying to marry into a B club with significant ambitions. Another team on the market is Sangiorgese, which has made Sebastiano’s signature official Bianchi, leaving from Legnano. Bianchi is on his third experience with the Lombard club after those of 2017-18 and last season. To achieve salvation, the team from San Giorgio sul Legnano thus adds another senior to a young group. Bernareggio to try to grab the salvation has reinstated the great forward Massimo Giorgetti, graduated from the youth sector and tried to go to college in the United States. The attempt, however, seems to have failed and has now returned home.

Meanwhile, Scotti recovers Gianmarco Conte. Yesterday the team returned to the gym and Di Bella had again the Apulian winger who at Christmas, returning home to Taranto, had tested positive at Covid; returned to Pavia, Conte underwent all the medical examinations after the negativization and, having obtained the green light, returned to training in a group. –

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