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Rolando Maran: “Cagliari will remain in Serie A”

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The former coach has faith in the rossoblù: “Mazzarri is the right man to solve problems”

CAGLIARI. Rolando Maran suffers. Yes, because never in his career has he been stopped for so long. “I want to play – says the former Cagliari coach – I hope to get back into the game soon.” The Trentino coach is studying. He goes to see the games live, watches them on television, keeps up to date. And of course he also closely follows the rossoblùs who are not doing well. «I did not expect to see them in last place at this point of the season – he underlines – I believe that Cagliari has a good staff, which is why I am surprised. I think this is a temporary situation, they will know how to react and get out of trouble ».

What happened on December 17, 2019 after the daring defeat at home against Lazio. From that moment on, Cagliari seems almost not to have recovered yet.

«I do not allow myself to enter into the merits of what happened after my farewell. When I was the coach, the expectations were high and there is no doubt that that defeat left a waste. Then we needed the reaction that unfortunately there was not but also because of the unfortunate episodes ».

An aura of negativity that the team still carries with it. How do you get through these moments?

«I think like Mazzarri, the only medicine is work. Cagliari is an environment that allows you to work peacefully. The coach is prepared, has clear ideas and will give everything to bring the team back to calm waters. You will see that he will make things right. The prerequisites are there, both from a corporate, environmental and technical point of view. The fans are very close, it is an added value ».

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Six points after 12 days are very few, would you bet on salvation?

«I would bet and win the bet. I have not the slightest doubt about this ».

Do you still feel with the Cagliari managers?

«I have healthy, true relationships of respect and mutual esteem. It is an environment that I am fond of, a feeling that goes beyond the epilogue of my relationship. I am always grateful to those who give me the opportunity to work. So I can only be grateful to the president and to a serious and organized company ».

Let’s change the subject: to go to the World Cup, Italy will have to win the playoffs.

«The physical condition of some players and the many injuries that deprived Mancini of fundamental men had an influence. After the victory at the European Championship there may be a decline in enthusiasm. The magic that led Italy to do incredible things was missing ».

But will the Azzurri be there at the World Cup in Qatar?

“I don’t even want to think that we will be eliminated. Italy has a strong soul that will come out in time of need. At the playoffs the technical and moral values ​​of the group that Roberto Mancini has formed will be reviewed. I have heard too many criticisms, doesn’t everything that has been done count anymore? ».

Is Barella the best Italian midfielder?

«I go further, in his role he is among the top in the world. Nicolò has an incredible strength inside that leads him to give his best. He is a champion. Right now he is not one hundred percent unable to give everything. He goes over the top when he’s fine. We are used to seeing him always play at his best, but if you are not physically well it is normal for mistakes to be made ».

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Are Napoli, Milan and Inter playing the Scudetto?

«In my opinion Inter can make up for the disadvantage. There are too many teams that should slow down for Juventus to return to the game. He has a lot of points behind, he should almost always win. Milan have been doing well for two years and are a consolidated reality. Napoli with Spalletti found squareness and continuity ».

How much will the January market affect?

«It depends on who arrives and who leaves. I read that everyone is moving. Saying it now is premature. “

Have you been contacted by anyone during this time?

“When you are out you always get accosted by some team. I do not deny having had contacts but only to get to know each other, to understand my situation. The only positive note when you are inactive is that you can devote more time to the family ».

Have you ever returned to Sardinia?

«This summer I was on vacation near Pula and I was there for many days. I come often, I have many friends on the island ».

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