Home Sports Rugby, a fabulous Benetton demolishes Cardiff: 10 goals, Monigo in ecstasy

Rugby, a fabulous Benetton demolishes Cardiff: 10 goals, Monigo in ecstasy

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Rugby, a fabulous Benetton demolishes Cardiff: 10 goals, Monigo in ecstasy

The best test of the year for Treviso in the last match of the season: Welshmen buried by a real avalanche of goals, ends 69-21

TREVISO. “Aaahhh how Benetton plays”. Stellar rugby in Monigo, too bad it was the last of the year… On the day of the farewell, the most beautiful Lions are seen, capable of scoring 10 goals at the Cardiff Blues. And, in the world of the oval ball, there are no discounts: winning like this is always a lot of stuff.

Ready, go and Lamaro has to leave the field due to blood loss and Halafihi takes his place, at the fiftieth in green and white. The Lions have the reins of the game and Lamaro returns to the field. The green-and-whites win an overbearing scrum and have a five-meter drive, excellently taken over the goal line by Lorenzo Cannone. The first goal of the evening is transformed by Rhyno Smith. Benetton Rugby is in full swing and shows off another heavy marking. Smith recovers the oval and Bellini opens the first break, then Ruzza offloads and Tomas Albornoz guesses the perfect corridor to take in the race to go to the goal. Smith hits the goalposts.

A few minutes pass and the Lions scratch again. Herbst breaks through centrally, Ruzza invents a prodigious recycling for the perfect corner taken by captain Michele Lamaro, able to crush in the goal. Smith makes no mistake and Benetton Rugby ahead 21-0. Cardiff wants to shake up and is close to the goal, but the hosts are not surprised. Padovani makes a great tackle and on the development of the ruck there is a penalty from Cardiff. Rhyno Smith from the pitch is precise and gives him another three points. The green-and-whites continue to play and show. Gallo avoids two opponents in turn, discharges for Lamaro who picks up Callum Braley, author of the fourth Treviso goal. Smith hits the posts and Benetton Rugby digs a groove at 31-0. The Welsh have a surge of pride and find the flash before the end of the first fraction. Maul on the green-and-white five meters, oval discharged at Carré that penetrates and goes to the goal. Priestland converts. And the first half ends 31-7 for Benetton Rugby.

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The two teams leave the locker room and Riera takes Drago’s place. The Blues want to try the great comeback and Carré sets his personal double. Priestland is not wrong. In the meantime, Tetaz took over for Ferrari and Lucchesi for Nicotera. The Lions, however, immediately retort and go to the big target again. Splendid opening by Riera for Pettinelli on the right wing, Padovani slips on the open side and the winger finds the raid of Tomas Albornoz who scores a brace. Smith makes the first mistake from the pitch. In the meantime, Herbst comes out for Monigo’s tribute and leaves room for Niccolò Cannone. Enter Nemer for Gallus as well. Benetton Rugby is a roller and continues in the excellent offensive evening. After a series of sublime offloads, Callum Braley sets another double for the evening. Smith is now good at hitting the posts, with a score of 43-14 for the Lions. The guests did not give up and scored the third goal with Llewelyn. He transforms Priestland. There are twenty minutes left and another standing ovation from Monigo, this time for Braley who takes over from Duvenage. Furthermore, Halafihi succeeds Lorenzo Cannone. Last change of the hosts, with Marin for Padovani.

The green-and-whites do not stop and mark again. Duvenage from the fray beautifully directs the oval for Rhyno Smith who crushes on the corner. But the extreme mistakes the transformation. Space house attack and now goal of Federico Ruzza who drinks the whole field with the oval in hand. Smith converts. A couple of more minutes pass and new scoring, with Giovanni Pettinelli to sublimate a fantastic action. Rhyno Smith transforms and immediately afterwards goes to try again for another brace of the evening. The extreme transforms again and the match ends with a peremptory victory for Benetton Rugby for 69-21.

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