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Shenhua Coach Wu Jingui Discusses Team Performance and Asian Games Impact

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Shenhua Coach Wu Jingui Discusses Team Performance and Asian Games Impact

Shenhua Coach Wu Jingui Talks About Team Performance and Future Goals

July 11th – Shenhua coach Wu Jingui recently sat down for an exclusive interview with “Football News” to discuss the team’s performance in the first half of the season and their goals for the future. Coach Wu also touched on the use of young local central defenders for the upcoming Asian Games.

When asked about the impact of the new shareholder on the team, Coach Wu stated that the club has become more professional and is doing practical work in terms of club construction, echelon development, and base construction. He mentioned that the division of responsibilities and communication within the club have improved significantly.

Coach Wu praised veteran players like Yu Hanchao and Cao Yunding, stating that they serve as examples for the younger players. He highlighted Yu Hanchao’s exceptional performance this season and commended his discipline and dedication to the sport. Coach Wu also revealed that he often relies on Yu Hanchao for goal-scoring during critical moments of the game.

Regarding the performance of young players Ma Zhen and Bao Yaxiong, Coach Wu expressed his satisfaction and emphasized that competition within the team is a good thing. He stated that it is impossible for players to maintain peak performance throughout the entire season and that choices will be made based on different opponents.

Coach Wu also discussed the team’s use of young players and their role in the future of Chinese football. He mentioned that Shenhua has many U23 players who are currently part of the national team. Coach Wu revealed that the team’s two central defenders are both born in 1999/2000 and stated that no other team in the Chinese Super League dares to use such young defenders. He praised their one-on-one ability and defensive prowess, which he believes is among the best in the league.

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When asked about areas for improvement, Coach Wu acknowledged the team’s need to strengthen their scoring ability and make adjustments in tactics. He also mentioned the importance of maintaining focus and concentration during games.

Regarding the upcoming transfer period, Coach Wu confirmed that Xue Qinghao will be loaned to Nantong, while Jin Shunkai, the central defender of the 2003 National Olympic Team, will be added to the first team list. He explained that the two central defenders will be participating in the Asian Games and will miss several games, so preparations need to be made.

Coach Wu stated that the club did not set a specific ranking goal for the season, as they did not want to place unnecessary pressure on their young players. However, he mentioned that the team’s performance in the first half of the season has exceeded expectations, and they will continue to work hard and follow the pre-season plans.

Lastly, Coach Wu discussed the team’s aspirations for the Football Association Cup. He expressed the desire to achieve the best possible results and mentioned that their performance in both the league and the cup would be 100% invested. He acknowledged that the Asian Games could present some difficulties in terms of organizing personnel.

Overall, Coach Wu’s interview provided insight into Shenhua’s current situation and their ambitions for the rest of the season. With a young and talented lineup, the team aims to continue making progress and contribute to the future of Chinese football.

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