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Shui Qingxia: coaching the women’s football united team is the supreme glorious team to develop in a good direction_China Women’s Football

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Original title: Shui Qingxia: coaching the women’s football team is the supreme glorious team to develop in a good direction

Shui Qingxia, the coach of the women’s football team, who declined to be interviewed by the media in the first game, said when facing the media for the first time on the 18th, “It is my supreme honor to be able to coach this team.”

Different from the previous games, a joint team composed of the Olympic women’s football lineup appeared for the first time in this National Games. As soon as the news came out, the participating teams from all provinces were all a little bit timid.

“The strength of the United Team is still very strong. When we were 1:0 ahead, we wanted to keep the score and our mentality changed.” Jiangsu forward Ma Jun said after the game. The biggest difference in this National Games is the United team. Every province wants to win against them, which is actually a kind of healthy competition.

Instead of leading the Chinese women’s football team to compete in the French World Cup and the Tokyo Olympics, Jia Xiuquan is replaced by the Shanghai women’s football coach Shui Qingxia. Whether the Chinese women’s football team, which has returned from Tokyo, can “turn over” in the National Games under the leadership of Shui Qingxia is a general question from the outside world.

Judging from the past two group matches, the prospects are still not optimistic. Although the Shaanxi team won a small victory in the first game, the whole process was difficult. In the second game against the Jiangsu team, in the case of losing one goal first, and finally scoring with two set-pieces, it is difficult to see the “crushing strength” that this Chinese women’s football team should have in the face of the local team.

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After the game, Shui Qingxia said frankly, “The Chinese women’s football team started from a relatively high level before. Everyone asked them to be the top players in the World Cup, the Olympic Games, and even the championship and runner-up. It’s not fair, but it’s fair to them. Motivation is also pressure. The most important thing is how to change (mentality). We still have to face the reality and hope that the women’s football can do better in details. There is still great hope.”

Shui Qingxia was one of the first Chinese women’s football players to become famous in the world. In the 1996 Olympics, the Chinese women’s football team won the silver medal in history. Shui Qingxia contributed a lot. After retiring in 2001, she has been active in the front line of women’s football coaching, sending many talents to the national team.

Being able to coach this national team, Shui Qingxia said frankly that she was “a supreme glory”. “Since the United team has chosen me, I will be obliged to do my best to complete the details. As for the future, I haven’t considered too much. I hope everyone will be happy to complete the task of this game.”

After two breathtaking victories, the Chinese women’s football team advanced to the semi-finals of the National Games. Shui Qingxia said, “From the perspective of the game, the team is still developing in a good direction and hopes to do better in the future.”

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