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Sunday to forget Ko for Valmalone Agliè and La Romanese

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Sunday to forget in the Second Category for Valmalone, La Romanese and Agliè, all defeated. The most painful knockout is the one remedied by the Sacred Valley, because the one with Livorno Ferraris was an important playoff challenge. Asprella opens the scoring directly from the corner, then at the beginning of the second half Florea repeats in dribbling. Bosio keeps his team afloat and Picco reopens the contest, but in the excited final the result does not change.

Valmalone also suffers with Castiglione, who in addition to scoring three goals also hits four woods. Nevertheless Riggio at 56 ‘responds to the advantage of Di Bernardo, but Donato draws the wildcard from distance and Albanese seals with the trio. Finally, one-way victory for Virtus Ciriè at La Romanese, who ventures a timid reaction only after the 0-1 and then collapses in the second half. –

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