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Super Udinese does not give gifts: four slaps to Salernitana, which however is saved

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Super Udinese does not give gifts: four slaps to Salernitana, which however is saved

SALERNO. Udinese honors the championship and shows off the best face by dominating Salernitana who, thanks to the concomitant draw of Cagliari in Venice, is saved anyway.

After subtracting the 3 points in the first leg, the recovery played just over a month ago at the Friuli stadium, the granata are unable to do the same at Arechi, full of passion and enthusiasm for a team that collapsed on Sunday 22 May under the blows of the bianconeri, but that Davide Nicola still managed to drive to safety starting from the last place and against all odds.

The coach from Luserna managed to “polish” his reputation as a salvation specialist, a label with which he also arrived in Friuli on November 13, 2018 to replace Velazquez, after the previous year’s feat in Crotone: in black and white he lasted very little, not even until the end of the tournament, so much so that four days from the end, with the “boat” in difficulty, he was replaced by Igor Tudor, a name that has characterized the subsequent seasons of Udinese and that in the last hours seems to have an intertwined destiny with the Juventus future, in particular that linked to Gabriele Cioffi,

Photo Massimo Pica / ANSA

Luca Gotti’s deputy who from December led the season through without any particular worries, ending the season with ups and downs and with the last ring yesterday, with three goals (plus a wrong penalty) in the first half alone, despite the persistence the absence of the two offensive “totems”, Beto and Success.

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Under the gaze of Italy in football and in particular those of Cagliari which demanded the utmost commitment in an attempt to overtake Salernitana on a tightrope, Udinese was spared: nothing but a gap between the two teams in terms of motivations. ! Yet at Arechi Cioffi had to deal with that problem, in addition to those in attack, where the Macedonian Ilija Nestorovski was deployed among the owners for the first time this season, preferred to the “false 9” Nacho Pussetto to compose the tandem attack with Deufoleu.

But Salerno was also missing Pablo Marì, who ended up on the bench after playing in imperfect conditions with Spezia: owner captain Nuytinck with Becao and Nehuen Perez at his sides to protect Padelli’s goal, between the posts to replace Silvestri, already operated, in an impeccable way to reduce an inguinal hernia that made him suffer. On the other hand, the pack in the median was complete with Pereyra, Walace and Makengo accompanied on the flanks by Molina and Udogie. And the latter was really devastating on the left, where he literally crushed a leg like Mazzocchi, provided unmarked suggestions and scored a goal for applause under the corner of the curve occupied by the 200 Friulian fans yesterday in Salerno.

The only drawback is the penalty that Pereyra failed at the gates of the interval; in the second half Deulofeu remains in the locker room, accusing the penalty contrast with Belec, Samardzic enters and Udinese administers their forces waiting for Salernitana who relies mostly on Venice against Cagliari, so much so that the fourth goal arrives and in the stands banners catch fire in disappointment. In the passing of the minutes, then, there is also space for the 16-year-old Simone Pafundi (and for the son of art Riccardo Pinzi, dad Giampiero is now Cioffi’s deputy), the jewel of the Udinese youth sector who will be at Coverciano for the blue stage under the orders of coach Maldini, the only one in 2006 in Italy. Monday 23 May, however, could already be the day to take the first step towards the next season.

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Cioffi has a rough appointment with Gino Pozzo to talk about the possible renewal, a topic already addressed a few weeks ago when the club offered him an annual agreement (with option) for the same amount as Gotti’s first contract as head coach. A prospect that in terms of length and economic consistency had not exalted the Florentine technician who can now come back with two offers in hand: one leads to Verona, where he would replace Tudor, while the other is the result of a survey by Spezia that will lose Thiago Motta , but also in Empoli the current Juventus guide has admirers.

And what will Udinese do if an agreement is not reached? He has options: the latest is Fabio Pecchia, who left Cremonese after promotion to Serie A, the older Paolo Zanetti, fresh from a season of lights and shadows in Venice after last year’s miracle.


SALERNITANA (3-5-2) Belec; Gyomber (18 ‘st Ribery), Radovanovic, Fazio; Mazzocchi, L. Coulibaly (1 ‘st M. Coulibaly), Bohinen (18’ st Kastanos), Verdi (18 ‘st Perotti), Ruggeri (1’ st Zortea); Bonazzoli, Djuric. Coach: Nicola.

UDINESE (3-5-2) Padelli; Scholarship (42′ st Benkovic), Nuytinck, Perez; Molina, Pereyra (23′ st Pafundi), Walace, Makengo, Udogie (23′ st Soppy); Nestorovski (46th Pinzi), Deulofeu (1st Samardzic). All. Cioffi.

Referee Orsato di Schio.

Markers At 6 ‘Deulofeu, at 34’ Nestorovski, at 42 ‘Udogie; in the second half, at 12 ‘Pereyra.

Note Bookings: Belec, Pereyra, Nicola (not from the field). Corners: 7-1. Stoppage time: 4 ‘and 8’. Spectators: 29,739.

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