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The abortion experienced by a father: the rapper Ernia tells his painful story

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The abortion experienced by a father: the rapper Ernia tells his painful story

The abortion experienced by a father. A deep pain that the rapper Ernia tells in the poignant “Good night”, a lullaby to listen to with your eyes closed. Hernia, pseudonym of Matthew Profession28 years old, from Milan, is among the most loved rappers currently in Italy: his way of telling things, his lyrics and the emotion that shines through in every note of his makes every song by Ernia a little jewel.

Ernia, pseudonym of Matteo Professione, 28 years old, from Milan (Instagram)

After the success achieved with the song “Superclassico” which also made him known to the mainstream people, the singer reaffirmed his talent song after song, then definitively consecrating himself with the release of the new album, the fourth studio work, “I’m not afraid”, released on November 18th, which contains songs that have already become cult like “Cattivi intentions” featuring Salmo, “Nice rip off”, “Something missing”, “Tonic water”, “Weekend”, “My name”, “Boo!”, “Everyone is scared” and “Good night”, in which the rapper talks about the experience of abortion from a male point of view.

The first dates of the new Ernia tour (Instagram)
The first dates of the new Ernia tour (Instagram)

“Buonanotte” is the story of how his partner chose to have an abortion in the hospital, a painful tale which he dedicates to the life he did not see being born, explains the choice, the sensations, the way to the clinic. “It was quiet in the car as I drove to the hospital / It was the third time I drove your mother / It was June, mild weather, checkups / And at that point in the process there wasn’t much left to comment” reads the song. Marco Masini had already sung it in “Cinderella in love”, of how difficult it was figure out the right thing to do. Hernia does something different. Tell us what happens after the termination of pregnancy. The headache that grips him when the night comes back to him, the difficulty of understanding how he loves himself, the fear of making a mistake and finding himself stuck in something he didn’t want. “When you weren’t born, I hid my feelings” Ernia always sings, who has a certain point, this unborn child imagines it: “Anyway I dreamed of you, but I didn’t give you a precise face /Because I didn’t know you, just that / Yet I imagined you, you were beautiful in my thoughts”.

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Ernia's new work is titled
Ernia’s new work is titled “I’m not afraid” and was released on November 18 (Instagram)

On the highly topical subject, Ernia pulls himself out of the controversy. “I put down what I was feeling at the time, and I think in its own way is a balanced text. It is certainly not an invective that takes it out on those who are against abortion: it is a personal story”says the artist in an interview with “Rolling Stone”. But still she chooses to let hers shine through message of anger and denunciation singing: “The other night there was an old man on an evening show / He railed against cases like ours so / I would have pressed my hand on his jugular / To tell him, ‘It’s easy to get fat, moralizing other people’s morals ‘”. Just one passage, because the rest of the song is rich in love, pain and fear of having a son, as he sings: “I don’t want to end up alone but neither, find myself at a certain point saying I love because I have to”. At the same time, the artist speak like a father to the unborn child trying to explain the choice which, however, has no explanation, it’s just a truth that hurts. “But in dreams of the night, father and son can meet. “But when I sleep you can talk to me in dreams / Ask me about us if you have any unresolved doubts / I’ll tell you what has been and what will be / Now say good night, sleep in dad’s thoughts” reads “Good night”.

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