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The Chinese Football Association issued several measures to strengthen and improve the fair execution of football referees-Sports-China Engineering Network

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The Chinese Football Association Issues Measures to Strengthen Fairness in Referee Decisions

In a bid to enhance the integrity and transparency of football refereeing, the Chinese Football Association (CFA) has announced a series of measures aimed at improving the fair execution of football referees. These measures, which will be effective immediately, are part of the CFA’s ongoing efforts to crack down on corruption and ensure a clean and upright football environment.

One of the key changes outlined by the CFA is the restructuring of the Dispute Committee and Referee Department. Under the new system, the Referee Department will have sole responsibility for managing referees in the men’s third-level professional leagues, in an effort to prevent any concentration of power and improve overall supervision.

Furthermore, the CFA has revised the “Chinese Football Association Referee Management Work Manual” to provide clearer guidelines for referee management, integrity, training, and evaluation. The manual will serve as a comprehensive reference for all levels of referee work, ensuring consistency and accountability in decision-making.

In addition, the CFA has introduced a promotion and relegation plan for referees in the men’s third-level professional leagues. Referees will be assessed based on their performance in various competitions, with a focus on their refereeing ability, physical fitness, and adherence to work disciplines. This plan will promote competition and incentivize referees to maintain high standards of officiating.

To further strengthen referee training, the CFA will align penalty standards with international norms and crack down on unsportsmanlike behavior on the field. The aim is to maintain a high level of discipline and respect for referees during matches, thereby upholding their authority on the pitch.

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Moreover, the CFA has introduced measures to optimize the selection process for referees, establish a social supervisor system, and invite international experts to participate in evaluations. These steps are designed to enhance transparency and accountability in referee selection and evaluation, ensuring fairness and impartiality in decision-making.

In an effort to combat corruption and unethical behavior, the CFA has established a referee “blacklist” system to monitor referees with a history of misconduct. Additionally, an internal reporting platform has been set up to allow for the reporting of any suspected violations or disciplinary issues.

Overall, these measures are aimed at promoting fairness, transparency, and integrity in football refereeing. By implementing strict oversight and accountability measures, the CFA hopes to improve the credibility of Chinese football and create a more level playing field for all teams and players.

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