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The first Assembly of Women’s Soccer Members took place in Toluca

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The first Assembly of Women’s Soccer Members took place in Toluca

The first Assembly of Women’s Soccer Members of the Mexican Soccer Federation and the Liga MX Femenil was held this Wednesday at the Casa del Futbol in Toluca, State of Mexico. The meeting was attended by key figures such as Juan Carlos Rodríguez, commissioner of the FMF, Ivar Sisniega, executive president of the FMF, Mikel Arriola, executive president of Liga MX, and Mariana Gutiérrez, president of Liga MX Femenil, along with legal representatives and presidents of the 18 Clubs of the MX League.

The main objective of the assembly is to establish a space for decision-making for women’s soccer and to further the growth of the sport in Mexico. The partners of Mexican soccer aim to unite and align their efforts to enhance the national teams and develop women’s soccer independently and with specialization.

At the assembly, Mariana Gutiérrez was appointed as the president of the Liga MX Femenil, expanding her role from director to have a voice and vote in Members’ Assemblies. Each of the 18 teams will also have a representative in future assemblies, and the women’s soccer calendar for the remainder of 2024 was defined.

The assembly also outlined a work agenda to focus on the evolution and consolidation of women’s soccer in Mexico, in sporting, operational, and commercial aspects, separate from men’s soccer. The goal is for Mexico to become a global destination for women’s soccer.

The newly created Assembly of Women’s Soccer Members will convene every six months to continue advancing the sport. After 7 years since its creation, the Liga MX Femenil has achieved significant milestones, including 5 million attendees at matches, 6,360 goals scored, 1,300 professional players, 2,116 matches played, 888 players in youth teams, and 279 players called up to their National Teams.

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The progress made at the assembly sets a promising path for the future of women’s soccer in Mexico, with a focus on unity, development, and excellence in the sport.

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