Home Sports The first body meets the requirements of the Olympic Games, the Chinese short track speed skating team ends with two gold and one bronze.-qianlong.com.cn

The first body meets the requirements of the Olympic Games, the Chinese short track speed skating team ends with two gold and one bronze.-qianlong.com.cn

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Source Title: The first body meets the requirements of the Olympic Games, the Chinese short-track speed skating team ends with two golds and one bronze

yesterday(24th)In the “Meet in Beijing” 2021-2022 ISU Short Track Speed ​​Skating World Cup China competition held in the Capital Stadium, the Chinese short track speed skating mixed team composed of Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei, Fan Kexin and Zhang Yuting scored 2 points and 37 Won the 2000-meter mixed relay gold medal in seconds 923.Photo by our reporter Liu Ping

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After 4 days of competition, yesterday (24th), the short track speed skating World Cup China Station and the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics short track speed skating test event ended in the first body, and the overall operation of the Capital Gymnasium met the requirements of the Olympic Games.

This competition attracted many world famous players to participate. A total of more than 360 athletes and team officials from 37 countries and regions signed up to participate. In the end, the Chinese team won the gold medal in the women’s 3000m relay and the men’s and women’s 2,000m relay, and won the men’s 1500m bronze medal.

The game tested the team’s performance, and the first body also withstood the test of the event. During the Winter Olympics, the Capital Gymnasium will undertake two competitions, figure skating and short track speed skating, and ice rink conversion is the most critical link. In this regard, Shen Li, the representative of the first body ring competition team, said: “After the figure skating test, the first body team realized the conversion from a thick ice surface to a thin ice surface suitable for short-track speed skating in one day. In addition, We have also refined a lot of details. Because the two test matches in October are events of two different events, in the site conversion, the first sports team changed the visual landscape of the stadium. In the center of the ice rink and the seats in the stands, etc. , The figure skating competition logo has been updated to a special logo for the Short Track Speed ​​Skating World Cup.”

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During this event, the first body also continued to focus on epidemic prevention and control. Through intelligent temperature monitoring, non-contact item exchange, traffic control and other methods, it promoted “technology to empower the Olympics” and improved the efficiency of Olympic event organization under the epidemic. . In addition, during the event, the venues have achieved full coverage of human, material, and environment for nucleic acid testing to ensure that the event is always in a low-risk state.

“The first body meets the requirements of the Olympic Games, is recognized by international sports organizations, and recognized by athletes from all over the world. This is also a good affirmation for us. Players from all over the world are willing to come to China to compete and create good results in the Chinese skating rink. It is also the expectation of players from all over the world.” said Yu Haiyan, deputy director of the Winter Sports Management Center of the State Sports General Administration.

And ISU event manager Khnov also spoke highly of the first body and the competition: “The organization of this event is very good, and all participants are doing their best to help Beijing a few months later. The Winter Olympics have laid a good foundation, and we have no doubt that Beijing will host an exciting Winter Olympics.”


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