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The Pope and the homage to women: “Enough violence, it is an outrage to God” – breaking latest news

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Vatican City, January 1, 2022 – “Quanta violence there is towards women, enough. To hurt a woman is to outrage God, who took humanity from a woman, not from an angel ”. They are words of Pope francesco, a passage from the homily of the Mass celebrating the solemnity of Holy Mary Mother of Gave, dogma solemnly proclaimed in the Council of Ephesus in the year 431. Words that sound even more like a warning, given that 2021 has registered an increase of femicides, 116, values ​​in contrast with crimes in general.

“The maternal gaze is the way to be reborn and grow,” said the Pontiff, who concluded the homily from St. Peter’s Basilica with an intense and passionate homage to women. “Mothers, women look at the world not to exploit it, but to have life”, she explained: “Looking with the heart, they manage to hold together the dreams and concreteness, avoiding the drifts of aseptic pragmatism and abstractness “. “And the Church is mother, she is a mother like that “, he continued off the cuff:” The church is woman, and the woman is like that. We cannot find the face of the Church without reflecting it in the face of the woman mother. This is the place of women in the Church. The Church is mother, the Church is woman ”.

“And while mothers give their lives and women guard the world, let’s all work to promote mothers and protect women”, Is the Pope’s appeal again:“ How much violence there is against women! Enough! To hurt a woman is to outrage God, who took humanity from a woman ”. “Not from an angel, from a woman”, he added off the cuff: “As the Church, woman, takes the humanity of children from a woman”. “At the beginning of the new year, let us place ourselves under the protection of this woman, the Mother of God who is our mother”, the final exhortation: “Help us to guard and meditate on everything, without fear of trials, in the joyful certainty that the Lord is faithful and knows how to transform crosses into resurrections. Today too let us invoke her as the People of God did in Ephesus, repeating her title of Mother of God three times: ‘Holy Mother of God, Holy Mother of God, Holy Mother of God!’ “
“Mary – the Pope said again in the homily of the Mass – compares different experiences, finding the hidden threads that bind them. In his heart, in his prayer he accomplishes this extraordinary operation: he links the beautiful and the ugly; it does not keep them separate, but unites them “. Because of this “Mary is the mother of catholicity, we can say “that” for this reason Mary is ‘Catholic’, because she unites, she does not separate “, concluded the Pontiff.

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