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The results of the Tokyo Olympics table tennis draw are announced, the national table tennis mixed doubles are signed-chinanews.com

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(Tokyo Olympics) The results of the draw for the Tokyo Olympics table tennis event announced

China News Service, Tokyo, July 21 (Reporter Yue Chuan) The draw ceremony for the individual events of the Tokyo Olympics table tennis event was held on the 21st at the Tokyo Stadium. The overall signing of the Chinese table tennis team is good, and the mixed doubles Xu Xin/Liu Shiwen will not endure too many tests before the final. Men’s singles top seed Fan Zhendong and Japanese player Zhang Benzhihe are in the same half of the region. Japanese star Mima Ito, regarded as the biggest opponent of the national table tennis women’s singles, is in the same half of the same region as No. 2 seed Sun Yingsha.

On July 21, the draw ceremony for the Tokyo Olympics table tennis competition was held at the Tokyo Stadium. The picture shows the scene of the lottery ceremony.Photo by China News Agency reporter Han Haidan

According to the Olympic rankings published by the ITTF, Chinese players occupy the top seed position in all five individual events including men’s and women’s teams, men’s and women’s singles and mixed doubles. Among them, Fan Zhendong and Ma Long ranked the top two seeds in men’s singles, and Chen Meng and Sun Yingsha were the top two seeds in women’s singles.

The first to be conducted on the day was the mixed doubles draw. Unlike singles, each team can only send one pair of players to participate in mixed doubles. Since the Chinese table tennis team has obvious advantages in team competitions, and there are two players in the men’s and women’s singles, only a pair of mixed doubles is a relatively unstable part of the national table tennis fronts.

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As the No. 1 seed, Xu Xin/Liu Shiwen has good luck this time. Their opponents in the first round are Canada’s Wang Wei/Zhang Mo. In the upper half, Huang Zhenting/Du Kaiyan from Hong Kong, China, is most likely to pose a threat to the “Xin Wen” combination. However, Xu Xin/Liu Shiwen won 4:1 in the Olympic simulation match in June.

If the “Xin Wen” combination successfully qualify from the upper half, the final is likely to face the host players Mizutani Hayabusa/Ito Mima, provided that the latter has the Chinese Taipei combination Lin Yunru/Zheng Yijing, South Korea combination Li Shangzhu/Tian Zhixi and other good players. Break through in the half area. As the mixed doubles is the first single event in the table tennis event to determine the championship, whether Xu Xin/Liu Shiwen can get a good start is particularly critical.

In the women’s team draw, the top-seeded Chinese team fell to the No. 1 position. The opponent in the first round was Austria, and then faced the winners of France and Singapore. The potential opponents of the Chinese team in the semifinals are South Korea, and the finals may face the host Japanese team.

As for the men’s team, the Chinese team entered the first half as the top seed, playing against Egypt in the first round. After that, the Chinese team is likely to play against China’s Hong Kong team to compete for a semi-final spot. The Japanese team is located in the lower half, and also in the lower half is the strong German team, they are very likely to compete with the host for the final place.

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In terms of singles, the four national table tennis players Fan Zhendong, Ma Long, Chen Meng, and Sun Yingsha each guard one and a half areas, forming two pairs of “double insurance”. The national table tennis civil war will not be staged before the finals, but once someone “loses”, it will inevitably bring additional pressure to teammates.

In the women’s singles, Japanese star Mima Ito, who is regarded as the biggest opponent of the national table tennis, is in the same zone with Sun Yingsha, and another Japanese player Ishikawa Kasumi enters the upper half where Chen Meng is. In the men’s singles, the host player Zhang Benzhihe fell in the 8th position and was in the upper half with Fan Zhendong, while the players such as Calderano and Ocharov entered the second half guarded by the “Grand Slam” winner Malone.

On the whole, the Chinese table tennis team has a good signing and has the ability to win the championship in all five individual events. Prior to this, Liu Guoliang, chairman of the Chinese Table Tennis Association, said that in five years of preparations, the national table tennis team is ready. (Finish)


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