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The Scudetto is a deal for four, Juve returns great with the little ones

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Roma are also doing badly. After the blow with Inter, she is still trying to understand what has passed over her. And the cryptic verbal slalom of his poet, Mourinho, who is always ready to make excuses for not paying the duty of criticism, certainly does not help.

Even on Zaniolo the Special One does not hit us right. Instead of repeating that he is a victim of the world, Mou should tell him that you can’t win alone, that not even Maradona could. Imagine Zaniolo who is good but presumptuous. And that if he continues to deal with everyone, he will end up throwing away his talent, still risking crashing. This should repeat a good coach, especially after 7 defeats out of 16 games. Instead Mourinho, knowing how we Italians are made, prefers to hold speeches aimed at imaginary enemies. But the Italians, especially the Romanists, are very fickle. Even with the Martians. The first time they fall for it, the second time they send them back home.

Another who does not shine for modesty is the commander Sarri: this time with Sampdoria he blew it (3-1), thanks to an excellent first half and a brace from the newly found Immobile. However, the Commander’s personal balance sheet is disappointing. Sarri on the bench should bring beauty and spectacle, his calling card. But that’s not the case, at least so far. With his notebooks getting thicker and thicker, and his speeches so full of complicated allusions, he just gives a big headache. As with Bagna cauda, ​​with Sarri you need a digestive. We already have so many worries, don’t add any others to us. Give us back the desire to see a game or go to the stadium. That would already be a great result.

Milan celebrates

Going back to the top, where the scudetto is in the air, the first reflection is that Milanese football is celebrating the next Sant’Ambrogio in the best possible way. AC Milan leading the quartet, Inter, second to one point, giving the impression that it is she, the real candidate to win the Scudetto. Because Inzaghi’s team wins with ease, always giving the impression of not pulling the gas to the maximum. On the fourth victory in a row, he scores and does not suffer. It does not hurt, which instead happens to almost all opponents, decimated by injuries.

If the best equipped for the championship race is Inter, we must not underestimate Napoli and Atalanta. Spalletti’s team, despite all the injuries, played with great courage against the Bergamo side, making Gasperini’s men sweat seven shirts. That after being reassembled, they won 3-2, risking to be reached again in the final. Napoli loses the top of the table for the first time, but does not lose face and esteem.

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