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The words of the president of Treviglio, Stefano Mascio, which infuriated Trapani

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The words of the president of Treviglio, Stefano Mascio, which infuriated Trapani

Stefano Mascio on the “Marini case”. The words of the president of Blu Basket Treviglio that led to the Trapani Shark statement.

«Marini’s case has generated considerable confusion, mainly due to the actions of his attorney, who negotiated and closed a deal without informing us in advance. I only found out about the deal the next day, thanks to another attorney. We summoned Marini’s prosecutor for clarification, but one of his colleagues showed up in his place.

It had already been established that Marini was untransferable and we had discussed future plans with him, highlighting the intention to build around his figure. This situation represented significant damage to us. I believe that basing decisions exclusively on the economic aspect, neglecting ethics, is unacceptable, especially in sport where the commitments made should be respected.

After these events, the prosecutor allowed Marini to call me, almost as if we were friends, even though the situation was anything but friendly. Managing Marini was not easy, given his complex personality and great talent. This made it even more difficult to maintain balance in the locker room. Ultimately, we had to accept a buyout well outside market valuations, a desperate attempt on my part to resolve the situation as best I could.

But what happened happened, when many contracts were made based on that type of team where Marini was. We have defense problems. And then, the last incorrectness, because this must also be clarified, because it is not as President Antonini thinks that I drank one glass too many.

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I was far too clear, far too calm and far too patient. But then it was given after a private writing, two hours later, the signature that we didn’t even know if it was really closed. the operation to communicate one of our players who is furious with all the schemes because here too there are rules between clubs i.e. fair play so as you can say Marco we feel among the press offices it’s the thing that taught me the first thing when I arrived here so it’s obvious that I too, even without responsibility towards our fans, finding out like this didn’t seem right at all.

Bottom line, as I was taught, until you receive payment and everything is formally concluded, it is best to maintain confidentiality, as circumstances can change suddenly.”

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