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«Today I cry for how much I love my daughters»- breaking latest news

by admin
«Today I cry for how much I love my daughters»- breaking latest news

by Mirko Graziano Paolo Tomaselli

Bobo Vieri, former center forward of Juventus, Inter, Milan and the national team: «I’m getting old, I’m full of ailments. I miss my grandfather, I wish I could have celebrated with him. I spent 30 years with Ronaldo and many girls but I have never behaved badly with a woman”

Bobo Vieri, today marks 50: what effect does it have on you?

“It’s just a number, come on. Even if it is an important number ».

Where did you party tonight?

«I was uncertain, then I thought that I’ve been coming to Formentera for more than twenty years and I had to do it here: the sea is a show and whoever wants to come comes».

Did he make a speech?

“Hand. There were friends, music, the important thing is to feel good».

What was your birthday like when you were ten?

“Who remembers! I was in Australia for sure, in Sydney: maybe I was playing cricket or touch rugby, like always».

What did the years in Australia leave you?

“The freedom to do what one wants. I know English better than Italian, so I can go around the world, travel. At the age of 14 I wanted to go back to Italy to be a footballer: since then I have always lived life and decided what to do with my own head».

Did he grow up fast?

«Yes, then in Australia I was among people from all over the world. This is also why racism is inconceivable to me”.

How was your return to Italy as a kid?

“I made myself understood, with my Australian accent. I always walked around in slippers and shorts, in a pitiful state. They asked me where I was going like this and I answered with bad words: in English».

Did Grandpa Vieri think about putting her back in line?

«I miss him so much, he was the first to believe in me: today I would have liked to celebrate with him. He was madly in love with me and so I understand it, because now I’m madly in love with my daughters ».

Did you ever feel like a foreigner or out of place in your early Italian years?
«Yes, because at the bar I heard that I played football for my dad, that I was recommended. I was a child, I lived alone with my grandparents and I felt envy: I had to be strong, to defend myself. Even with some “vaffa” of mine».

He turned 20 between Pisa and Ravenna. He was still a provincial striker.
«And not even a bomber: in Pisa I had just scored two goals, with horrible games, without excuses. President Anconetani was right to insult me. Then in Ravenna I fell in love with Romagna, unfortunately we were relegated, but I also wanted to stay in C: I was too good».

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Instead he goes to Venice where he meets Maifredi.

«I had the Maifer for six months, but I still feel it. He is enormously likable: when he arrived at the camp he would call me to show me that he had a red sweater, a red watch and a red car. The day after? Blue sweater, blue watch and blue car. He loved beautiful football and style ».

Were they still years of a bolt?
«At the time, punches flew in the area, there were no rules, there was no technology today. It was hard to score. Then Sacchi changed football and the lives of us strikers changed too».

How was Inter’s star birthday at 30?
«That was a spectacular party, at the Pineta in Milano Marittima».

Surrounded by women?
“I remember that Ronaldo was there. The constant in my life are my friends: even today I carry the locker room and his atmosphere with me everywhere I go. How much bullshit we say: Di Biagio has been making the same jokes for 30 years and everyone is still laughing. But it’s nice to be together: our world is clean”.

For love or sex, what is the great madness he has done?
(pause) «You can’t tell».

She always said he was the king of discos, but only in the summer. Did she get angry when her professionalism of him was attacked?
«Yes, but if you were behind everything you would go crazy. I knew who I was, how I trained. Then it’s normal that if you write badly about me and I see you, I’ll send you to hell: that’s how I am”.

Are journalists more sympathetic to you today?
“Of course, the world has changed, now I’m in charge: before you couldn’t protect yourself, now you can respond with social networks”.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received or given yourself?
“I bought myself a watch.”

Does Vieri ever say “I’m getting old”?
“Always. For the pains I have when I play sports: the ankle, the cervical vertebrae C1, C2, C3, I have a thousand hernias in my neck. Then my left shoulder hurts, my left knee too…».

Who was your childhood idol?
Vialli and Mancini. The 9th was the birthday of the great Gianluca: he was my idol, on the pitch he always gave everything, which is the aspect that has accompanied my entire career. We had a good relationship, as well as with Sinisa: it hurts a lot not to have them with us anymore ».

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What teachers did he have?
«Rampanti made me grow up in Toro, then Mondonico saw in me something that perhaps only he saw. For Maldini I was his centre-forward: he also made me play out of shape «.

When did he transform from star footballer to mature man?
«Since I’ve been with Costanza: after three months we decided to start a family. It was all very fast, without thinking about anything: we said let’s try it and see how it goes».

First budget?
«Six fantastic years, Costanza changed my life: she gave me two little girls who make me want to cry every time I talk about them».

Is this maturity?
«My mom told me that I would understand when I was ready to start a family. It took me some time, but it’s okay. I did what I had to do, I enjoyed it».

Not even for the World Cup skipped in 2006?
“It was destiny. I can only say thanks to football.”

Is Vieri’s happiness at 30 different from that at 50?
“A lot, I see it with the daughters. I never imagined this crazy love: it’s madness. If Costanza tells me that one of the two little girls needs something in the morning, I fly out the window in my pajamas: it’s called love, but it’s like that for everyone I guess. I live to take care of them and my wife.”

Have you ever felt misunderstood by a woman?
“No. What I did I did because at that moment I wanted to do it. The word “if” doesn’t exist for me».

Have you ever misbehaved with a woman?

What is your relationship with your father?
“I always call him Bob. If I am like this it is thanks to him, that he was a great footballer, genius and wildness and he always told me things as they were, for better or for worse. The only criticisms I listened to were his and those of the coaches ».

With mom?
“The most important woman in my life: another strong character, we argue a lot and it is true that she is the one who helped me keep the bar straight in the moment of maximum fame”.

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What is your relationship with money?
«Good: they are made and spent».

What did he buy with his first salary?
“I believe the Golf Gti.”

How much has he earned in his life?
“I have no idea. But I remember well when I signed my first contract with Juve, for five years: everyone in the family cried, toasted and said “you did it, you’re fine for life!”.

If you have to explain to a young man today who Bobo Vieri was, what would he tell him?
«I was someone who always gave everything and with the blue shirt I went crazy, it was the most important for me. I just spoke to some 15-16 year olds selected by a sponsor: they will tell you a thousand bullshit, I said, but you are alone, you have to suffer every day, you have to work endlessly, otherwise in two or three years you will go down a level . Always train.”

How is it technically defined?
«I liked attacking depth, I wasn’t afraid of anyone and I waited for crosses from the wingers, but I wanted the ball right away: Di Livio at Juve kept feinting and I ended up inside the goal with the net in my head…».

What kind of world does his daughters grow up in?
«A world that goes fast, but it doesn’t scare me. We need to adapt and accompany their growth. Then when a boyfriend shows up it will be heart attack stuff, but it’s soon ».

Does Bobo Vieri have a political conscience?
“Basically, I never believe anyone. I have my own idea, but there are too many lies everywhere: I’m very skeptical.”

A dream for the next 50 years?
“Feeling well and seeing my daughters grow up”.

What is the life philosophy of the 50-year-old Vieri?
«I respect everyone’s opinions, but I go on my way, as I have always done since I was 14: if I look back, I’m super proud. Changing at 50 would be madness.”

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