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Ukraine, Salvini on the trip to Russia: “If I create divisions, I’ll stay with my children”

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Ukraine, Salvini on the trip to Russia: “If I create divisions, I’ll stay with my children”

Rome, 28 May 2022 – Matteo Salvini backs up on trip to Russia to meet the president Vladimi Putin. “Tonight I am in Rome, then I will evaluate, given the hysterical reactions especially from the left: having insults, threats and attacks for a peace mission makes us think. If I have to create divisions I am with my children”, says the leader of the Lega. “Not being a pleasure trip, but a trip to a war zone, if you add the background chorus of Letta, Meloni, Renzi, Calenda and radical chic intellectuals who prefer weapons and conflict, let’s see if the conditions are right: for peace I am willing to do anything, to meet everyone “, adds the secretary of the Carroccio on the sidelines of an electoral rally in Parma.

“I am bewildered and amazed – continues Salvini responding to journalists who ask him if he will go to Moscow -. Peace must be built, I will be naive but I did not think it divided. Going to these war theaters is not like going to Riccione for a weekend. I do not expect applause but not even insults. After the attacks and the controversies from Renzi to Letta, from Meloni to Calenda, sometimes I want to say: ‘but whoever makes me do it, I’m staying a few days with my children and my parents, keep your war and your controversies. But the search for peace is fundamental and I don’t give up until I succeed “.

Di Maio: “Draghi talks with Putin”

The Foreign Minister had also rejected the initiative of the leader of the League today. “If you talk to Putin, Draghi talks to Putin. I recommend a lot of caution. Going to Moscow is a complicated thing. Each of us when we do something like this represents the whole country, “he said Luigi Di Maio intervene at the forum ‘In Masseria’. “The Italian government did not know of this intention, how much between intention and what will happen I do not know, the fact is that these events require further responsibility, in such a delicate moment it is the posture of the country that is represented”, added the head of the Farnesina.

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On the other hand, that the Italian premier is personally committed to unlock Ukrainian ports immediately and let the grain flow to those countries that risk an unprecedented food and humanitarian crisis. Yesterday, in a phone call, Mario Draghi reiterated his full support for Volodymyr Zelensky, expressing his concerns about what a further stop of ports on the Black Sea would entail.

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