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Under the epidemic, American golf presents two hot professional tournaments as they continue to be held-Shangbao Indonesia

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January 04, 2022 19:31 PM


PGA Tour New Year’s Open Sentinel Championship starts this week

[Sina Sports News, 4th]Farmers Insurance Open Event Director Marty Gorsich (Marty Gorsich) understands that golf is making great strides, whether it is entertainment or competitive, and better yet, amateur participation. The number of people exploded, mainly because golf is an outdoor sport, and it is easy for people to maintain social distancing. Yes, there are also athletes in professional golf who have tested positive for the virus and are quarantined, but since the initial shutdown in 2020, the PGA Tour has been held for 19 months. At the same time, the team project is interrupted from time to time because of the continuous detection of new crown virus by players.

“Our players are not crowded in the cinema, nor are they entering the locker room at the same time,” said Marty Guski.

Twenty-four hours before lunch, Marty Guski had just learned an important difference. The Holiday Bowl in San Diego was canceled because too many people at UCLA tested positive for the new crown virus and could not form a team against North Carolina State University. Fans from all over the country who were going to watch the game were all turned away. The organizers spent millions of dollars to equip the Petco Park stadium of the San Diego Padres, but now it’s all in the water.

Marty Guschi sympathizes with those who host the Festival Bowl, but this is the current status of the sports and entertainment industry. The new crown epidemic has been 22 months, but it is still difficult to return to normal.

But Marty Guski thinks this winter feels different. Although Omi Keron is highly contagious, the health hazard caused is not as great as before, at least not as great for people who have been vaccinated. Numerous scientific reports have shown that the chance of getting the virus outdoors is very small.

“There is no evidence that this variant virus spreads more easily outdoors and more difficult indoors,” John Swartzberg, an infectious disease expert at the University of California, Beckley, told the San Francisco breaking latest news.


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