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Usac, now there is great confidence The only unbeaten on the field

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The coach Porcelli: “Results resulting from a work that has been going on for years” He will resume playing the week after Easter, on 10 April in Vercelli

rivarolo canavese

Usac Rivarolo does not stop, which last Sunday won its third victory in the championship, beating Amici San Mauro on the parquet of the Polisportivo, thus jumping to the top of the C Silver series championship. The promotion remains in the running (the first two of the group go up in category).

Three out of three wins in the games played, the only one unbeaten on the field. The fourth against Arona was not disputed due to the positivity at Covid-19 of six elements of the squad led by coach Titto Porcelli (with consequent defeat at the table), but what matters most is that despite the absences, the white and blue rivarolesi are come to victory by always showing off a good game.

This thanks to the contribution of the old guard, the hard core, well supported by the young grafts who replaced the absent owners. But all this did not come by chance, as the coach of the Rivarolese Titto Porcelli explains: «What we are achieving is the result of a work that together with the president Alessandro Castagna, we have been carrying out for years. Our philosophy – continues Porcelli – is to create players at home. Only in these cases can the foundations be laid to create the so-called “group”, that sense of belonging, that fight for the shirt they have worn since childhood that leads the team members towards a common goal without thinking about their own advantage but favoring the goal to be achieved. Emblematic in this regard what Ferraresi is doing who, deployed in a different role from his due to the absent, has made himself available to the team by getting perfectly in the part to help his teammates. This is our secret. Now – concludes Porcelli – we hope to recover the boys affected by Covid as soon as possible, we should already have two available at the resumption of the championship even if the other two “long” ones will still be missing for which recovery times are a little further away “. The next match for the guys from Usac is scheduled for Saturday 10 April, at 9 pm, in Vercelli to face the Rices who have not so far been particularly successful, winning only the external match with Amici San Mauro.

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Finally the Chivasso basketball team also wins, not without difficulty bending the Reba basket Torino in a game that seemed closed 8 ‘from the end when it had a 22-point advantage. A more than likely drop in tension allowed the Turinese to drop to -3 one minute from the end. Now the Chivassesi will have to observe, at the resumption of the championship after the break, their rest turn and will return to the field only on Saturday 17 April, with a duo ball at 18.45, when at the Palazzetto dello Sport in Crescentino they will host the Amici San Mauro.

Ranking: Usac Rivarolo, Bea Chieri and Arona points 6; Chivasso, San Mauro and Vercelli 2; Reba Torino 0. –

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