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Vallorco against Mathi defends his leadership There is Strambinese-Vischese

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Vallorco against Mathi defends his leadership There is Strambinese-Vischese


On the ninth day of the First Category return, Sunday 24 April at 3 pm, two Canavese derbies will be played, one in group B and the other in group C.

The most heartfelt challenge is undoubtedly that of group B between Strambinese 1924 and Vischese, at Giuseppe Bertotti in Strambino. The Azzurri from Strambino who will try to repeat the 0-2 success gained in the first round to win three more precious points with a view to salvation. On the other hand, Vischese is also looking for the full loot, both to redeem the shame suffered a group ago and then to continue hoping for a playoff place, now eight points away and with nine more games to play. Another derby, on the other hand, is that of group C at Italo Giavarini between Montanaro and Bajo Dora, a game in which both teams have the mission of bringing home more points: the lower Canavesani from Montanar to try to regain possession of the first place in the standings. , while the Bajolese people from Ivrea to get away from the quicksand of the playouts. Instead the leaders Vallorco wants to prove that she does not suffer from vertigo: he will go to the lair of the Mathi Lanzese. In the playoff area the most interesting match is Colleretto-Gassinosanraffaele. The Canavese team of coach Massimo Maggio, fourth in the standings, wants to lock the playoffs, but at the same time try to reach the podium of the standings. Both Mappanese and Bosconerese are now cut off from the playoff race: the former will be guests of the Aosta Valley’s Cgc Aosta, in full battle to avoid the playoffs, while the latter will be on stage in Corio.

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Other matches and rankings. Group B: Junior Pontestura-Cigliano, Ceversama-Ponderano, Pro Palazzolo-Pro Roasio, Valle Cervo-Serravallese 1922, Biellesi-Biogliese Towers and San Nazzaro Sesia-Virtus Vercelli. Pro Palazzolo rests. Classification: Junior Pontestura points 49; Cervo Valley 44; Ceversama 41; Virtus Vercelli 39; Gattinara 36; They weigh 32; Biogliese 31; Cigliano 29; Vischese 28; Serravallese 1925 25; Strambinese 1924 24; Pro Palazzolo 22; San Nazzaro Sesia 20; Pro Roasio 18; Biella Towers 9.

Group C: Cnh Industrial-Cafasse Balangero, Saint Vincent Châtillon-Grand Paradis and River Plaine-San Maurizio. As for the classification: Vallorco points 55, Montanaro, Gassinosanraffaele 53; Colleretto 49; Mappanese and Saint Vincent Châtillon 35; Bosconerese 31; San Maurizio and Corio 28; Grand Paradis 26; Mathi Lanzese 25; Cafasse Balangero 24; Bajo Dora 20; River 18; CGC Aosta 16; Cnh Industrial 13. –

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