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Wallace is dissatisfied with the Lakers’ loss of victory in the last quarter and points out the two main reasons for the loss

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Original title: Woo Shuai is dissatisfied with the Lakers losing their victories in the final quarter, pointing out the two main reasons for the loss

On November 27, Beijing time, the 2021-22 NBA regular season continued, and the Los Angeles Lakers returned home to play against the Sacramento Kings. At the end of the game, the Kings defeated the Lakers 141-137 after 3 overtime battles, and the purple and gold team’s golden body with a complete overtime victory this season was also broken.

Obviously, a three-overtime game consumes a lot of physical energy on both sides, especially on the Lakers side. After the loss, the generals are very frustrated.

Coach Frank Vogel said, “If you lead your opponent by 13 points in the fourth quarter, you have to win the game.”

Obviously, Wallace is very dissatisfied with the Lakers’ turnaround. In addition, Walsh also revealed his command strategy for this game. He said, “(The team) spends most of the time letting James organize the offense, but once he is guarded against death, the team will try to disperse the attack points.”

Brother Nongmei said, “We are very frustrated. We want to win some games at home. This is the first home game after our away trip. This is a game we should win.”

But obviously, the results did not go as desired. In this regard, Brother Nongmei said, “We must become a better home team than we are now.”

“One of our biggest problems in this game was getting 16 offensive rebounds from our opponents. In addition, we shot too many jumpers on the offensive end.”

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“I’m not worried about our offense. But on defense, we still need to do better.” Thick eyebrow added.

Westbrook believes, “(Tonight) everyone should take a good rest and prepare for the game on Sunday (Monday Beijing time at home against the Pistons). Tonight’s game is over. No matter how many minutes we play, we All must adjust their physical condition and prepare for Sunday’s game.”

On the King’s side, interim coach Gentry is quite proud. He especially praised Buddy Hild, who has repeatedly scored key goals in overtime.

“I selected him (in the draft)… this is what you (reporters) need to know. It’s simple, he is a good player, so I selected him. In the Pelicans, he was a rookie Play for us… He plays hard, he plays to win.” (Poirot)Return to Sohu to see more


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