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Zoff: “Pogba is an excellent move, Juve must compete for the Scudetto”

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Zoff: “Pogba is an excellent move, Juve must compete for the Scudetto”

Dino Zoff, former footballer, analyzed the Juventus transfer market, also talking about Pogba and Angel Di Maria.

Dino Zoffformer footballer of Juventusissued statements to “1 Football Club”also speaking of the club White black. Here are his words about Paul’s return Pogba in Turin and on the arrival of Angel Of Mariaformer midfielder of the Paris Saint Germainwhich after a long soap opera, will be White black: “With Pogba it seems an excellent move. I don’t know about Di Maria, he is a great player for the Argentine national team, he comes from PSG, but he is still of a certain age.The important thing is that Juve return to compete for the Scudetto next season. About Koulibaly? Koulibaly is Koulibaly, it looks good everywhere. I don’t think he’s the one who wants to leave, he’s fine and he’s a point of reference. Either way, wherever he goes, he will do well. He is a champion both on and off the pitch, but he leaves a clear mark on the pitch. “

On the best transfer market between Juventus and Napoli and on Serie A: “It’s early, let’s see at the end. For example, for the Scudetto last season everyone gave Inter as the favorite, but then Milan won it. This makes us understand that in football it is impossible to make predictions in any area, not even in the market. Serie A elephant cemetery? In England, for example, they have the economic strength to take younger champions. We have to adapt, our clubs no longer have that economic availability that allows you to take strong players but also young ones “.

They are Donnarummawho had a bit of difficulty in the last season, and on the fortieth anniversary of his 1982 World Cup victory: “Donnarumma has chosen to go to Paris for a matter of money, I do not advise him to return to Italy, on the contrary, he must stay there and prove that he can overcome even the difficult moments. Italy-Brazil in 1982? Everyone I meet takes me back to the last minute parade. It is a pleasant memory that is always alive in me “.

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