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Call of Duty: Mobile – What’s new in Season 4

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Call of Duty: Mobile – What’s new in Season 4

Let’s take a look at all the main news from Fool’s Goldthe waiting Season 4 of Call of Duty: Mobilewhich will begin to depart from 02:00 on 18 April 2024. In short, at the time of writing this article, in exactly one week.

Let’s see all the main news of the new Season

What’s new in Fool’s Gold – Season 4 of Call of Duty: Mobile

Espionage Mode

Among the most relevant news of the Season we find the new Espionage mode, a gripping strategic challenge that pits players at loggerheads for control of a crucial briefcase. In Espionage, players compete for a briefcase, strategically placed on the map at the start of the game. Possession of the briefcase is synonymous with earning points, but be careful: downed operators will not be able to return as long as the briefcase remains in the hands of their team. The loss of the marked object allows the teammates to return to the fieldtriggering a tense and engaging gameplay dynamic.

The holder of the briefcase is also limited in the use of weapons, being able to use only a gun or the briefcase itself as a melee weapon. This restriction, combined with the inability to use scorestreaks, consumables, and operator skills, places a strong emphasis on cooperation and protection from teammates. The constant visibility of the position of the case holder adds an extra layer of challenge, making any attempt to hide impossible.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 introduces a new health bar

Another significant innovation is the introduction of display of allies’ health bar. This setting, accessible from the tab MG modeallows players to keep tabs on the health status of your teammateswith the ability to customize the size and transparency of the bar for better visual integration.

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Hunting for relics in the jungle

The jungle proves to be fertile ground for adventurers, littered as it is relics mysterious. The compasses, obtainable by completing Multiplayer and Battle Royale matches, are essential for locating these relics and claiming the rewards associated with them. The choice of path therefore becomes a crucial element to maximize the effectiveness of the research.

New Challenges HQ

The last, but not least, Season 4 update is the QG Sfide. Season 4 introduces a system of Updated gameplay challenges, with seasonal, featured, daily, weekly and themed events.

The user interface has been simplified and improved to make it easier to navigate between different challenges and preview rewards. THE Challenge Tokens earned can be spent in the trade shop, giving players the freedom to choose which items to unlock first.

The Call of Duty: Mobile – Season 4 Battle Pass

Obviously, as with every new Season, something new cannot be missing Battle Pass, with free and Premium rewards. These include new operator skins, weapon blueprints, calling cards and COD points. In particular, the free Battle Pass includes the MG42 light machine gunRC-XD points, safe coins and much more.

The Premium Pass is decidedly more substantial and, among other things, includes:

Skin operatore themed Zoe – Diva of the Jungle, David Mason – Ranger of the Ruins, Sims – Gunner and Strongarm – Floral Fatality.

Weapon blueprints such as FR.556 – Unburied Treasure, CX-9 – Glorious Plumage, Arctic .50 – Jungle Maw, LK24 – Poisoned and MG42 – Demoman (based on the new Season 4I weapon.

Ground Forces Rewards (including D-Day Operator Skin – Bushranger, Holger 26 – Snake Gold and Backpack – Snake Gold)

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We remind you that Call of Duty: Mobile is available for free for iOS and Android devices through the relevant stores.


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