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ChatGpt Plus will cost $20 per month

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ChatGpt Plus will cost $20 per month

Now it’s official. You will be able to access one ChatGpt ‘plus’ version – faster, always available and with more features – for $20 a month.

It was only unfounded or in any case inaccurate rumors that only recently announced the same service at 42 dollars a month. A price that many had defined as too high.

“We are launching a subscription plan for ChatGpt, the artificial intelligence capable of conversing with you and answering your questions” writes Open AI, the company that developed it, on its official blog. For $20 a month, you always read on the blog, subscribers they will be able to access ChatGpt at any timeeven when usage demand is high, they will enjoy increased speed in processing and writing responses and will be able to receive and use first new functions.

ChatGpt Plus will be available, initially, only in the United States. In the coming weeks, Open AI will formulate the offer to all those who have signed up to the waitlist for one premium version of the service. “We plan to roll out this subscription plan to other countries soon,” says Open AI.

The most important step, for many, concerns though the free version of ChatGpt. Which apparently will last a long time. “We will continue to guarantee free access – communicates Open AI -. By offering a paid subscription, we plan to use some of the money to support free access to as many people as possible.”

The ChatGpt problem, at the moment, that’s access. Too high a volume of requests leads to error messages or malfunctions. And this is likely to happen more and more often, given the dizzying growth of this generative AI. According to data from Similarweb, active users who used it in January 2023 – valid just two months after the official launch – there were about 100 million. It’s a record. No app has ever grown so fast. Even TikTok it took 9 months to reach 100 million subscribers.

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In the future, Open AI intends to launch as well “low cost” subscription formulas and specific offers for business use.

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