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Domestic online supermarket is expanding into Switzerland

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Domestic online supermarket is expanding into Switzerland

The online supermarket Alfies continues its success and officially opens its doors in Zurich today. The expansion follows its founding in Vienna in 2015 and the successful expansion to Graz in 2021. The online supermarket now enables 600,000 Zurich residents to order food, drinks and drugstore goods directly to their home within 60 minutes.

“Our expansion into Switzerland is another major milestone in our company history and shows the ongoing success of our business model,” says Gunther Michl, co-founder and managing director of Alfies, who ceremoniously opened the new location today.

Online supermarket Alfie’s is now starting in Graz

Also regional goods

Alfies presents Zurich residents with a comprehensive range, ranging from food and drinks to drugstore goods. In addition to well-known products, customers can also choose from regional and international specialties, including highlights such as the “Champs Elysée” croissant or the Zurich brewery specialty “Turbinenbräu Sprint”.

The delivery service promises customers in Zurich a delivery time of just 60 minutes, similar to Vienna. Of course you can also order for a specific time.

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“We chose Zurich for our first expansion abroad. “Swiss culture and language are similar to Austria,” explains Michl. “The Zurich metropolitan area also scores points with good economic development and high purchasing power.” The Austrian headquarters in Zurich is supported by its own Swiss company, Alfies E-Commerce AG, with managing director Peter Rohn.

The origins of Alfies go back to Salzburg, where the brothers Gunther and Gerald Michl and their school friend Thomas Ecker founded the company in 2015. The then startup Alfies and its range, which today includes almost 5,000 products, grew continuously. This led to an expansion from Vienna to Graz and now to Zurich. “Further expansion cannot be ruled out,” says Gunther Michl, looking to the future. “Our mission to make everyday life easier for people works everywhere.”

Coca-Cola joins the Viennese online supermarket Alfie’s

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