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In the European heart of the new Apple chips

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In the European heart of the new Apple chips

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When Apple launched its latest generation of Macs just over a month ago, much of the presentation was dedicated to the chips inside them. Namely the M3, the latest generation of Apple Silicon and the first computer chips made with 3 nanometer technology.

This means that there is a higher number of transistors on a single piece of silicon. And specifically 25 billion transistors on the M3, 37 billion on the M3 Pro and 92 billion on the M3 Pro Max.

The result for the user is greater execution speed and efficiency. In the test we did on Final Cut, the transition from a video shot horizontally to vertical, centered on the subjects thanks to AI, is a matter of a few seconds.

Efficiency per watt has been at the forefront of Apple engineers’ minds since the first iPhone, as managers we met on a visit to Apple’s European chip design center in Munich explained.

The company’s path in semiconductors comes from afar and the center of Munich has played a growing role. We are shown a graphic with the evolution of Apple Silicon, or the range of chips produced by the company. The first is the A4, we are in 2010 and the phone is the iPhone 4. In between there is all the incremental innovation of the subsequent iPhones, then the iPads and finally the leap in scale. That is, 2020, when Apple Silicon arrives on Macs with the M1. There Apple abandons Intel chips after 15 years.

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