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Poetics of encryption, counter-narratives to

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“We’re all in this thing – but how?”

This is the starting question of Nadim Samman’s book “Poetics of Encryption”. The thing – of course, is the technosphere, or more down-to-earth: the digital world.

The book outlines the concept of encryption that underlies this infrastructural condition and examines motifs of locking, imprisoning and burying, of access and exclusion from secured areas.

“Poetics of Encryption” relates contemporary art to these motifs and examines caves, cables, codes, satellites and icons. Oscillating between enlightened concern and occult reverie, the book explores a counterintuitive aesthetic of the interface.

So it seems only logical that “Poetics of Encryption” now forms the starting point for a conference by the Berlin art institute KW: On October 27th and 28th, “counter-narratives to Big Tech’s claims about a new culture of transparency and openness” will be presented. be explored.

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