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Prey (2006) looks great with a full HD overhaul – Prey (2006)

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Prey (2006) looks great with a full HD overhaul – Prey (2006)

While we got a spiritual successor in 2017’s Prey, the 2006 original is still remembered as a classic FPS game. The Prey 2 movie trailer set high expectations for a sequel that never came out, but there are still plenty of people who want more Prey.

In fact, the updated mod may bring new life to the 2006 title. Prey Hi-Def, available here, is a new mod that gives the game high poly models, shadow and lighting details, and even 4K textures.

This doesn’t take away from Prey’s original nostalgic visuals, but it gives them a much-needed polish. Considering that Arkane seems pretty busy with Redfall right now, and Bethesda doesn’t seem to be working on anything other than Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI, a mod like this might be the best way to get some Prey content, at least for a few years.

Have you ever played prey?

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