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Refueling with petrol and diesel cuts costs with hitech

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Refueling with petrol and diesel cuts costs with hitech

The idea of cut costs in petrol or diesel refueling. How? In three steps: the device immediately tracks the exact delivery data to the company manager who can check the consumption trend and the kilometers traveled by each individual vehicle. The second point is linked to the fact that by making automatic communications with the Customs Agency for the recovery of excise duties, Trackfuel saves time, avoids errors and bureaucratic practices. And then companies that invest in issues that automate the connection between man and machine recover up to 40% of the tax credit.

In practice, Trackfuel is a device that allows you to track and count the actual fuel injected into the tank, using a control unit positioned on the dispensing system of company yards and road systems. This aftermarket accessory has been patented internationally and is compatible with any type of vehicle.


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by Vincenzo Borgomeo

Trackfuel will be the protagonist at Smau on 11 and 12 October and its idea was born in 3IVM srl, an innovative start-up of Recanati (Macerata) which has created and patented a device capable of tracking and managing, as we said, the actual delivery of fuel in a tank. All automated.

“No more money – explain the technicians – no more cards but a direct” dialogue “between the sensors installed in the Trackfuel device and the gateway mounted in the forecourt of the distributor. Information that is then sent directly to corporate expense accounting software. In practice, the system, once the dispensing gun is inserted in the tank, communicates the customer’s data and his credit to the forecourt to authorize the release of the pump. In the event of a positive result, the pump is authorized to dispense, otherwise it does not start “.

Trackfuel is already used by Pepa Trasporti from Recanati and has therefore come out of the experimental phase. Ready for the debut, in a few days, in Smau.

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