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Roborock Q8 Max+ in the test: Very good vacuum robot with suction station under €450

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Roborock Q8 Max+ in the test: Very good vacuum robot with suction station under €450

The Q series is Roborock’s middle class, the Q8 Max+ marks the happy medium between the Q5 Pro (test report) and Q Revo (test report). The model, which comes to customers in the tested Plus version with a suction station, shows some highlights, but also a weakness. In the test, we clarify for whom the affordable robot vacuum cleaner is the right choice.


If you don’t value the wiping function but want decent suction power, the Roborock Q8 Max+ is a good choice. Navigation and cleaning performance are really good here, but the wiping function is very simple. The Q Revo (test report) or one of the more expensive S models, such as the S7 Max Ultra (test report) or S8 Pro Ultra (test report), are significantly better in this regard.

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What does the Roborock Q8 Max+ look like?

In terms of shape and colors, the Roborock Q8 Max+ is based on the Q5 Pro (test report) and Q Revo (test report) from the same series and appears correspondingly high quality. The suction station is nice and narrow and is therefore not only visually unobtrusive, but can also fit in most households. The cable management on the back is practical.

Two things are particularly worth mentioning: The Q8 Max(+) uses duo roller technology, i.e. two counter-rotating rubber rollers instead of a single main brush. In addition, despite being placed in the mid-range, the model already offers 3D object recognition called Reactive Tech, which is also used in the Q Revo and S7 Max Ultra. That’s a plus point, even if this technology doesn’t quite come close to better obstacle avoidance models in higher price ranges – more on that later in the test.

All pictures of the Roborock Q8 Max+ in the test

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Roborock Q8 Max+

Is the Q8 Max+ app good?

Establishing a connection with the Roborock app is quick and easy, and then there is little mystery on the robot’s home page. The app offers all the standards that are also known from significantly more expensive models. This includes a 3D map, settings for the suction station and the marking of obstacles identified by 3D object recognition. However, there is no exact name for the disruptive objects.

Even if we like the Roborock a little better than the Dreame app on the excellent L10s Pro Ultra Heat (test report) due to its more logical structure, not everything is perfect here either. In addition, the Dreame model simply offers significantly more options, which results in a poorer overview.

How good is the navigation of the Q8 Max+?

The navigation performance of the Roborock Q8 Max+ is generally quite good, which is also evidenced by a relatively short cleaning time per square meter. Only devices without special object recognition are faster here. There are minimal problems with detecting small or very narrow objects, such as cables. Larger obstacles such as slippers, however, are recognized and avoided. The technology called Reactive 3D in the manufacturer’s more expensive vacuum robots is even better here, although it is also not completely error-free. Anyone who tidies up the cleaning area beforehand will be thrilled with the Q8 Max+.

Can the Q8 Max+ vacuum well?

After the great navigation, the suction power on hard floors and carpets is another highlight of the Q8 Max+. The Q8 Max+ only has a hard time on very high carpets – like most vacuum robots. Thanks to the two suction rollers and a decent suction power of up to 5500 Pa, the vacuum robot achieves excellent results that are only surpassed by significantly more expensive models. After the work is completed, the suction station briefly and vigorously vacuums the dirt stored in the dust container so that the user does not come into contact with it.

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How well does the Roborock Q8 Max+ wipe?

As mentioned at the beginning, we see the wiping function, in which a wiping cloth is simply pulled under the combined water and dust container, as the model’s biggest weakness. Because it is designed very simply and only allows you to set the flow rate of the water in the app. The vacuum cleaner doesn’t have the ability to vibrate for better stain removal or to lift the wiping cloth, which is why its wiping function is likely to be of interest to asthmatics at best – the Q8 Max+ is nothing more than dusting.

How long does the Q8 Max+ clean at a time?

In the test, one battery charge was sufficient for a floor area of ​​140 m² (gross) before the vacuum cleaner had to return to the suction and charging station. That’s a good value.


The manufacturer’s RRP for the Roborock Q8 Max without a suction station is 499 euros, the Q8 Max+ with a suction station costs 599 euros. Both models are available in white and black. The Plus model is available with the code MMS24 already available on Ebay 445 Euro.

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