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RTL+ Music: Free online radio & subscription costs

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RTL+ Music: Free online radio & subscription costs

“RTL+ Music” is online radio, podcast catcher and music streaming service in one. Depending on which or whether you have an “RTL+” subscription at all, you will get different offers. You can find out here which “RTL+ Music” subscriptions are available, how much they cost and how they differ.


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What is RTL+ Music?

“RTL+ Music” is an extension of the “RTL+” offering and, on the one hand, can free as an online radio and podcast catcher can be used, but with the “Max” and “Family” packages from “RTL+” it is also the correct one Music streaming service like Spotify, Amazon Music or Napster.

RTL relies on the French music streaming service “Deezer”, which offers you over 120 million songs. Instead of subscribing to “RTL+ Premium” for 6.99 euros and “Deezer Premium” for 11.99 euros per month individually, you can get both services together at a reduced price starting at 12.99 euros per month.

You can listen to the subscription offer and the free content either on the web or via the corresponding app:

Directly to the RTL+ Music web offer


RTL+ music and podcasts

RTL interactive GmbH

iOS (iPhone & iPad)

RTL+ music and podcasts

RTL interactive

You can see which music streaming services still exist and what they offer in the following video:

Music Streaming Services

Costs & functions at a glance

RTL+ music

Monthly costs Free 6.99 euros 12.99 euros 18.99 euros Online radios/playlists Yes Yes Yes Yes Podcasts Yes Yes Yes Yes Music streaming No No Yes Yes Freely selectable songs No No over 120 million over 120 million audio books No No over 70,000 over 70,000 parallel streams 1 1 1 4 Other advantages of RTL+ No Yes Yes Yes

How is the offer different?

There is no difference between the music offering with a free “RTL+ Free” account and the “Premium” membership. So if you don’t need the video-on-demand service or the live streams from the RTL TV channels, you can use the service simply with a free account to use.

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However, with an “RTL+ Max” subscription you combine the video and music streaming service from RTL and Deezer and thus save money. Instead of the 18.98 euros that you would pay per month for both premium subscriptions, the Max subscription costs you almost 6 euros less.

While the offer for “Free” and “Premium” users really just an online radio with various genre and chart playlists and serves as a podcast catcher, you have one with the “Max” and “Family” subscription full-fledged music streaming service.

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