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The dispute over updates is entering the next round

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The dispute over updates is entering the next round

It’s probably no secret that Apple is currently unpopular with many companies. Now the Swedish streaming service Spotify is complaining about Apple again.

There have been repeated tensions between Apple and Spotify in the past. Recently, the music streaming service sharply criticized Apple’s implementation of the new EU DMA legislation. This dispute focuses primarily on Apple’s business practices related to its App Store platform and the potential impact on competition. Further details can be found in this article. Additionally, Spotify contributed to Apple being fined €1.8 billion, but Apple has already filed an appeal.

The streaming service has now filed another complaint with the European Commission against Apple. People complain that Apple is probably blocking app updates from Spotify. These are updates that would allow the provider to provide information about subscription prices and links to the website.

New EU regulations

Spotify would like to comply with the regulations of the new EU regulation. In their iOS apps, they want to give users clear information about the prices of subscriptions that are available on the Internet outside of the app. In addition, users should be informed about the differences between in-app subscriptions taken out through Apple and other subscriptions. Spotify also plans to include links in the app that will take users to the app developer’s website, where they can find alternative subscriptions. However, developers are not allowed to contact newly recruited users to inform them of pricing opportunities. Despite this, Spotify continues to strive to offer its users a transparent selection of subscription options.

A Spotify spokesperson told The Verge:
It’s already been nine days and we’re still waiting to hear from Apple regarding our app submission to show EU consumers pricing and a link to our website. We are now entitled to do this thanks to the decision of the European Commission in the case of music streaming. Apple’s delay directly contradicts their claim that they complete reviews of app submissions within 24 hours. It also contradicts the implementation timetable set by the Commission.

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Apple has not yet commented on this. So it remains to be seen how Apple will respond to the allegations.

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