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The efficiency of generative AI and cybersecurity

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The efficiency of generative AI and cybersecurity

Check Point Software with Infinity AI Copilot brings the efficiency of generative AI to cybersecurity management, increasing the effectiveness and precision of dedicated teams. Taking advantage of the convergence of AI and cloud technologies, Infinity AI Copilot addresses the growing global shortage of cybersecurity professionals. Infinity AI Copilot is currently available in preview, with a full launch expected in the second quarter of the year.

Working in harmony with AI

Eyal Manor, VP Product Management di Check Point Software Technologies
With Infinity AI Copilot we usher in a new era of cybersecurity in which human-machine collaboration is central. Our vision is to enable security teams to work in harmony with AI, generating unprecedented efficiency and accuracy. We believe in a future where security is no longer a challenge, but a part integral of the operations of each organization.

Skills are lacking

Cyber ​​security has never been more critical and looming. Ransomware increased 90% in 2023, and organizations experienced an average of 60,000 cyberattacks over the course of the year. At the same time, companies face a shortage of qualified professionals globally, making it even more complex and stressful to protect networks and data effectively. With 30 years of end-to-end cybersecurity intelligence, Infinity AI Copilot offers an ally to security teams.

The efficiency of generative AI

Thanks to the power of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI), Infinity AI Copilot acts as an administrative and analytical assistant, automating complex security tasks and providing solutions proactive to security threats. It reduces the time needed for routine tasks, allowing security teams to focus on strategic innovation. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with the Check Point Infinity platform, delivering a unified security experience from endpoint to network, cloud and beyond.

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What are the key features

Accelerate security management. Infinity AI Copilot allows you to save up to 90% of the time needed for security administrative tasks. Such as event analysis, implementation and troubleshooting. Security professionals can focus on strategic innovation thanks to the time saved. Management e distribution of the security criteria. Infinity AI Copilot automatically manages, modifies and deploys access rules and security controls, specific to each customer policy. Improve incident mitigation and response by leveraging artificial intelligence for threat hunting, analysis, and remediation. The efficiency of generative AI to support cybersecurity Supervision of all solutions. AI Copilot supervises all products across the entire Check Point Infinity Platform, from network to cloud to workspace. It makes natural language processing simple. The interaction with Infinity AI Copilot GenAI is as natural as that of a real one conversation with a human being. It understands and responds via chat in any language, making it easier for users to communicate and perform tasks. This natural language capability promotes seamless interaction and effective task execution.

A complete assistant

Unlike some existing AI solutions on the market, Infinity AI Copilot offers a coverage completes the various aspects of security with capabilities that go beyond threat analysis and include IT and access policy management. Future developments of this solution include proactive assistance and autonomous policy management functions.

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