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The new Maxhub solutions designed for meeting rooms

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The new Maxhub solutions designed for meeting rooms

A ISE 2024 Majhub presents new solutions for meeting rooms, including the all-in-one CMD Commercial Display line, the Teams certified XT series for Microsoft Teams Rooms.

A single integrated device

Maxhub CMD is an all-in-one commercial display designed for collaboration in small to medium-sized meeting rooms. A series that revolutionizes the meeting experience by combining monitor, camera, microphone, speakers and operating system in a single integrated device. You can say goodbye to the hassle of having to juggle multiple devices for collaboration needs.

The new Maxhub solutions

Thanks to its design, it transforms meetings by perfectly integrating everyone instruments essential collaboration tools for a smoother and more productive workflow. As there is no need for additional purchases there will be a reduction in procurement costs and you will also obtain a simplification of the installation and maintenance process. The series supports wireless Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) connectivity, audio performance, supported by an 8-array microphone with a range of 8 meters, and high-level video performance.

More budget efficiency

The Maxhub XT series for Microsoft Teams Rooms includes the XCore kit and two UC peripherals, S07 and W31, all certified for Microsoft Teams. The entry-level XCore Maxhub kit is designed to update small to medium sized BYOD rooms into certified Microsoft Teams rooms without any problems. A process that ensures maximum cost efficiency while improving the collaboration experience for hybrid teams. The XT series offers a complete solution for Teams Rooms, with a console kit, various camera options, speakerphone and optional displays. You can easily transform your BYOD meeting rooms into efficient, certified Microsoft Teams rooms.

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For meeting rooms the new Maxhub solutions

Maxhub UC S15 is an all-in-one video bar designed specifically for meeting rooms and small spaces. This device supports both wired and wireless BYOD connectivity, as well as wireless projection capabilities. The device comes with a built-in 4K camera with advanced AI features like automatic and intelligent framing, speaker tracking, and much more. Thanks to the reduction of noise AI, background disturbances – clapping, typing, closing doors – are effectively filtered out, ensuring a distraction-free environment. Control is improved thanks to MA Maxhub XHUB Pivot, which allows IT managers to monitor, control and update all meeting room devices, including the S15, remotely.

Integrated LED solutions

Maximum versatility with Maxhub’s integrated LED solutions, designed to meet the different needs of visualization both inside and outside. From excellent display design and configuration capabilities to perfect compatibility with external sources, Maxhub offers a range of cutting-edge LED displays suitable for different environments. The contents deserve to be seen everywhere. And Maxhub’s integrated LED solutions allow your content to be usable everywhere.

LEDs for every need

Thanks to cutting-edge design and technology, Maxhub guarantees a usage seamlessly from purchase to installation, up to maintenance and final display. With display quality that improves productivity and collaboration, Maxhub features a range of LED displays to meet different setup and placement needs. They understand:

– Display LED all-in-one: Serie Raptor, Serie Raptor – Ultra wide
– Display LED per interni a passo fine: CM27, GV27, GH31
– Display LED per esterni: YM53

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