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10 injured in Tokyo tram attack, suspect said he wanted to blow up Shibuya intersection

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Original title: Tokyo tram attack caused 10 injuries. Suspect said he wanted to blow up Shibuya intersection

Chinanews.com, August 10th, a comprehensive report, a few days ago in Tokyo, Japan, there was a random incident of wounding in a tram. The Japanese National Public Security Committee Chairman Tanahashi Taiwen condemned the suspect at a press conference on the 10th as “extremely vicious and bad” and said that he would cooperate with the railway. Industry players will strengthen cooperation and thoroughly implement relevant preventive measures.

According to reports, this random incident occurred in the Odakyu Line tram on the evening of the 6th. The 36-year-old suspect killed Ma Yusuke with a knife and injured 10 passengers to varying degrees. After the incident, Yu Ma was arrested by the police for attempted homicide.

Tsushima attacked a 20-year-old female college student sitting in a seat with a knife on a tram, and then brandished a knife and injured nearby passengers.

Tsushima, a female college student, said, “Looks like a winner in life, so I want to kill.” He also said: “I’m despised by women in college clubs, so when I see women who are winners in life or couples who seem to be happy, I want to kill them.” The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Seijo Police Department’s task force analyzed that by Dissatisfaction with one’s own circumstances produced a distorted emotion towards women, which led to the case.

According to the task force, the suspect was suspected of theft by a female clerk at a food store in Shinjuku at noon on the 6th day of the incident and called the police. He said: “I wanted to kill the female clerk, but found that the shop was about to close, so I changed it to a tram.”

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Tsuma Yusuke also confessed: “I wanted to blow up the large Shibuya intersection where a couple who seemed to be happy had walked through.”Return to Sohu to see more


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