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2024 Election Results Video Circulating Abroad, KPU: Hoax!

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2024 Election Results Video Circulating Abroad, KPU: Hoax!

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – The General Election Commission (KPU) confirmed that the video of the 2024 election results abroad circulating on social media is a hoax.

KPU Commissioner Idham Holik emphasized that there were no election results abroad yet. He said the election results circulating in the video were disinformation.

“The information on X’s social media is not true and is categorized as a hoax or disinformation,” said Idham, quoted from Kompas.comFriday (9/2/2024).

Idham then explained that the vote counting schedule for the presidential election had been regulated in Appendix I to KPU Regulation (PKPU) Number 25 of 2023 concerning Voting and Counting of Votes in General Elections.

Number 1 letter b points 5 letters a and b Appendix I PKPU explains that the counting of votes abroad will only be carried out on February 14 2024.

If the vote count is not completed within a day, it will be extended for a maximum of 12 hours without a break from the end of voting day in the country or on February 15 2024.

These provisions apply to voting at all overseas polling stations (TPSLN) as well as mobile ballot boxes (KSK).

Meanwhile, regarding the postal method of vote counting (sending ballot papers by post to the committee), it will only be held starting February 15 2024.

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“Postal method, February 15 2024 to February 22 2024. Implemented before the PPLN (Overseas Election Committee) recapitulates the vote counting results,” said Idham.

Previously, a video went viral showing the results of the 2024 presidential election where voting was carried out abroad.

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It is known that the video was uploaded to X by the account @alextham878, last Wednesday (7/2/2024).

“You can get the results of overseas voting on Tik Tok,” wrote the uploader.

The video shows the voting results for presidential and vice presidential candidates in foreign elections in six countries, namely Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Japan and Saudi Arabia.

The results of foreign elections in these 6 countries have a relatively similar pattern, where the presidential and vice presidential candidate pair number 02 is ahead with an average vote acquisition of more than 80 percent.

As of Friday morning, the upload had been viewed more than 2.2 million times, liked by 3,400 users, and re-uploaded by more than 1,300 netizens.

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