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Alessandro Baricco, only desire defeats fear – Books

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Alessandro Baricco, only desire defeats fear – Books

Black hat and checked scarf, gloves with half fingers exposed: How are you? Fabio Fazio asks him on Che tempo che fa and it seems like the most difficult question. ”The most honest answer is I’m fine, on the other hand I wouldn’t be here. Then I’m someone who spent the summer in a hospital in San Raffele, you leave behind beautiful pieces of yourself. When you leave you have pieces to recover, you’re uphill. I had to brush my teeth and I was so weak that I couldn’t do it except just move my head, and I wondered if I would ever get out. I’m doing great now. It’s a long journey that I haven’t finished yet, there’s a relentless slowness.” Alessandro Baricco says it in his first television appearance after the long illness that forced him to leave the scene which he announced on social media. While he tonight reveals that he got married in December.
”He is the master, it is the body, how many good and bad things it dictates to you in life. Panic attacks, which is a genius body thing. You don’t want to tell yourself that you’re not good in the world and he tells you so”. With my body ”we lived crazy moments together”. Why the choice to communicate the illness on social media? ”It was a practical choice, you have to say that you’re not well and they have to understand it. Social media wasn’t there before. It happened to me twice, and it was very helpful. I discovered that there are a lot of people who love me. That wave of true affection. He had given meaning to their life and they were missing a teacher with whom they had an intimacy. I had an unpleasant past, I wasn’t used to the world loving me. It was a strong experience. The fact that the illnesses of celebrities have become delicious news leaves me a little dumbfounded. There a vicious circle began, too many people tell details, it generates a fear effect. I don’t know if we’re giving the right message. My disease is an anomaly, one in a hundred thousand gets it. Keep calm”. Fear? ”We sell it a lot, and that’s one of the things we get wrong. Fear has to do with desire, you stop desiring and start being afraid. It is desire that annihilates fear”.

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