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American bishops draft documents on Eucharist-Vatican News

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The American Catholic bishops recently held a spring meeting to draft a document centered on the significance of the Eucharist in the life of the church. The conference lasts for three days to discuss important matters in the life of the church.

(Vatican News Network)American Catholic bishops held their annual spring conference online from June 16 to 18 to discuss important issues in church life. On the last day of the meeting, the bishops drafted a document with 168 votes in favor, 55 votes against, and 6 abstentions, centering on the significance of the Eucharist in the life of the Church. The Doctrinal Committee of the American Bishops Conference will begin the drafting of the document, which will be discussed at the conference in November.

Discussions were held before voting in the conference. Many bishops believed that the document to be drafted was a necessary and instructive document at the moment. However, some bishops worried that the document would become another challenge to the unity of the American faithful, especially when the implementation method is possible This is the case when it is regarded as political in nature. Cardinal Wilton Gregory in Washington suggested that before drafting documents, bishops should have a dialogue and dialogue with the faithful.

The spring meeting of American bishops was opened by the Holy See’s ambassador to the United States, Archbishop Christophe Pierre, who expressed the care and support of Pope Francis to the bishops. Archbishop Pierre delivered a speech on the theme of “Unity”, reminding everyone of the importance of “starting with Christ again”. He pointed out that the American church is not going to invent a new plan, because the plan already exists, that is: a plan based on the gospel and tradition will always be the same plan.

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The archbishop went on to say: “When Christianity becomes a custom, a moral code or a social etiquette, it will soon lose its vitality, and people today will soon become uninterested in it, especially for those looking for an epidemic. This is especially true for people who are looking for future hope, who are looking for true justice after race fighting, and who are looking for a better and safer future.

The archbishop finally reminded that Christianity is not just a traditional culture, it provides people beyond what social welfare institutions can provide. The church provides relief to people in the name of Christ, and people receive Christ through the Eucharist. The archbishop emphasized that the goal of meeting and conversing with Christ by accompanying others is to achieve unity among church members and communion between the local church and the Holy See.

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