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An important milestone in Madura

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An important milestone in Madura

In just two weeks, the campaign target was achieved, with 8.7 million children immunized in 74 districts in Central Java, East Java and Sleman (as of 29 January).

The success of the campaign in Madura was the result of advocacy, communication and social mobilization efforts from various parties. Some influences (influencers) use their platform to emphasize the importance of immunization and share information about immunization locations. Local companies also invested financially in the campaign.

Speaking at the Madura 100% event, Ronny Chandra, one of the leaders of CEO Jatim, an organization consisting of the CEOs of 200 large companies in East Java, emphasized what is at stake.

“Madura faces many socio-economic challenges. One in five residents lives in poverty, and eight percent are unemployed. The spread of polio will only make this worse. We must get rid of polio now,” he said.

The media also plays a key role in this campaign. UNICEF and the Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) are supporting a major effort to sensitize local journalists about polio, the importance of immunization, and the crucial need to combat disinformation and hoaxes that have contributed to vaccine hesitancy.

“I heard about immunization from the news, from the media, including the dangers of polio,” said a mother from Bangkalan district. “Then from there, I wanted to immunize my child.”

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