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Ana Karina Soto surprised as host of ‘The House of the Famous Colombia’: Who did she replace?

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Ana Karina Soto surprised as host of ‘The House of the Famous Colombia’: Who did she replace?

The presenter replaced Lina Tejeiro who was absent for personal reasons – credit @karylamas/Instagram

Ana Karina Soto is one of the most beloved presenters on Colombian television. Her beginnings on television occurred in the program Protagonistas denovela, which became the springboard to be part of other formats of the RCN Channel in sections of the newscast and now as presenter of Buen día, Colombia.

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With the arrival of The House of the Famous Colombia, its name has been a trend as to why it was not taken into account to be part of the new format. But after almost a week, the dream came true for several of the communicator’s followers, who saw her for the first time in the pre-gala and post-gala of the reality show, which is why she said her appearance was due.

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Ana Karina Soto went to present ‘The House of the Famous Colombia’ and this is how it went on her first day – credit @karilamas/Instagram

Through her InstaStories, the presenter said that she was requested by ViX to present the Aftershow, a topic that is in charge of Lina Tejeiro and Roberto Velásquez. However, after the broadcast of the episode on the night of February 17, Soto was in charge of accompanying the viewers along with the audiovisual producer.

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In that publication, Ana Karina said that it was a different experience to be able to see the participants so close and, in addition, to tell from her point of view everything that happened in that chapter in which she participated.

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“It turns out that at VIX they do a pre-show and an after-show, today Lina wasn’t there, only Roberto was there, but we had an incredible time and I had the opportunity to see the participants before the RCN broadcast, you seriously can’t imagine everything what I saw,” he said in a short video in which he appears in the place from which this section of the reality show is presented.

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It is unknown if Lina is also absent from the elimination gala and Soto will once again be the one to replace her or if this Aftershow will return to normal, which will possibly feature the participation of the first eliminated from the contest.

Ana Karina Soto replaced Lina Tejeiro in the PreShow and AfterShow on the ViX platform – credit @karilamas/Instagram

A rumor arose on social networks that the Llanera actress would be part of the members of The House of the Famous Colombia. However, the rumors were completely dispelled and the company clarified that the model will also be the official host of the competition on the different platforms on which it will be broadcast, especially on ViX, where there will be cameras recording 24 hours a day. seven days a week, whatever happens.

The remembered artist from Fathers and Children will be accompanied in that function by producer Roberto Velásquez. “For us it is an honor to be here and tell you everything that is coming and the most important thing is that it is without censorship,” said the renowned Colombian director.

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The 32-year-old actress is the presenter of the digital part of ‘The House of the Famous Colombia’ -credit @linatejeiro/Instagram

Meanwhile, Lina mentioned in an interview for Pulzo that “on this platform, users will have access to nine channels, each with a specific name such as the bathroom, the fourth heaven, the fourth hell, the kitchen, among others. She especially highlights a channel that will show the most intriguing moments of the house. “Whatever they cannot capture through the RCN Channel will be available on the platform so that they do not miss any details.”

The duo is joined by Emmanuel Restrepo (Carmelo in Rigo) who will be the digital host; That is, he will be in charge of the interactions between what happens on the screen and the audience.

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