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Andrea Giacobazzi, Vasco Rossi’s Alfredo, has died

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Andrea Giacobazzi, Vasco Rossi’s Alfredo, has died

Modena, 14 February 2024 – His name was Andrea Giacobazzi and he was 67 years old. Unfortunately he left us due to complications that arose after surgery. He was known in the musical environment for being Vasco Rossi’s friend which inspired the well-known song “Alfredo’s fault“. Yes, Alfredo, the one who “with his serious and inappropriate speeches makes me waste all the opportunities”, was him.

Farewell to Vasco Rossi’s friend who inspired the famous song “It’s Alfredo’s fault”

The memory of Vasco Rossi

The Kom remembers him with a touching series of stories on social media: “It has always been on my side even when many turned their backs on me – Vasco writes –: I will miss you very much, you will be always alive inside my heart. He was among the first to have thevision‘ of what then became ‘Modena Park’”.

Alfredo’s fault: the story

Over the years he had explained several times how that song was born: “It was summer and Vasco had already been there for months he was a disc jockey at Snoopy’s. With the heat the venue moved to another outdoor location. Drink after drink the evenings were spent there to pick up girls and thinking about what to do when we left the ballroom. Vasco was lost for a girl who lived near Modena, Daniela. She tried every night and every night she made excuses.”

Andrea Giacobazzi with Luca Zanarini

Then the famous occasion: “Vasco came to us – she said – he was at two thousand with emotion, he wanted to accompany her home. I started talking to him saying that, since he had to get to Misano where he was supposed to play in the evening, it was better if he left in good time to avoid getting stuck in traffic. These were the serious and inappropriate speeches they gave him waste all opportunities. And she – Andrea continued – he went with a certain Santinowho was not black, as Vasco says in the song, but simply very tanned. And she had a nice car, a BMW.” But despite this, she said, “We always remained friends with Vasco.”

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