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Arroz Carreteiro – MONDO MODA

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Arroz Carreteiro – MONDO MODA

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A typical dish originating from Rio Grande do Sul (although, currently, it is already incorporated into Brazilian cuisine, and it is common to enjoy it throughout the country), arroz carreteiro is made from rice to which finely chopped and braised beef is added, meat -dried or shredded or chopped sun-dried meat, sometimes paio, bacon and sausage in pieces, sautéed in a lot of fat, with garlic, onion, tomato and green chili, always with a lot of seasoning.

Arroz Carreteiro @ publicity

In the Central-West and Northeast regions of Brazil, it is also known as maria-isabel, and prepared with sun-dried meat.
It arose when the carters (cargo transporters) who crossed Rio Grande do Sul in carts pulled by oxen, cooked, in an iron pan, a mixture of chopped jerky (stew) with rice.
It is a practical dish that, due to its simplicity, could be prepared by the solitary traveler, who could only eat a barbecue (which is made from fresh meat) at a stop after many days of travel.
Originally made with beef jerky and rice and traditionally prepared in an iron pan, it is one of the main dishes of Gaucho cuisine.

Check out a recipe

1.5kg cooked and shredded beef jerky
3 chopped tomatoes
2 chopped onions
6 grated garlic cloves
5 little rice
10 x 1/2 boiling water
Maco green smell

Preparation mode
Sauté the onion, garlic and tomato with the shredded beef jerky, add the rice and boiling water and cook until the rice is tender.
Turn off, wait 5 minutes and add the green scent
Ps: you can use leftover barbecue meat!

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