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Australian parliamentarians support Taiwan’s accession to Interpol and condemn the CCP’s abuse of red links | Binchen Hu | Red Wanted Order | Executive Committee

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[Epoch Times November 23, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Tian Rui comprehensive report) 6 Australian lawmakers signed an open letter opposing the election of Hu Binchen, an official of the Chinese Communist Party’s Ministry of Public Security, to the Interpol Executive Committee. Australian Liberal Party Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells supports Taiwan’s membership in Interpol and condemns the CCP’s abuse of the Red Wanted Order to persecute dissidents.

The three-day INTERPOL 89th General Assembly opened on November 23. An important agenda of the meeting was the election of members of the Executive Committee. The CCP’s move to send Hu Binchen, deputy director of the International Cooperation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security and a first-level inspector, to run for executive committee has been questioned by the outside world.

The China Policy Transnational Parliamentary Alliance (IPAC) opposed Hu Binchen’s open letter to the executive committee has been co-signed by 50 parliamentarians from 20 countries around the world. Australian Liberal Party Senator Ferla Fanti-Wells is one of them.

On the eve of the Interpol Conference, Ferla Fanti-Wells told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation: “The Chinese authorities have repeatedly abused the Interpol Red Notice to persecute dissidents in exile. (The Chinese Communist Party) has used Interpol. A record of the position of the organization committee exerting undue influence on the organization.”

She said that what she worries most is the possibility that INTERPOL will be used as a repressive tool by the Chinese Communist regime. “I think this will cause great harm to INTERPOL’s international status.”

Ferla Fanti-Wells, who served as Australia’s Minister of International Development and Pacific Affairs, also supported Taiwan’s membership in Interpol. She said that she had supported democratic Taiwan’s entry into the World Health Organization, and of course she would also support Taiwan’s entry into the International Criminal Police Organization. She believes that the Australian government should change its old policy and recognize Taiwan.

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The open letter was also signed by a total of six Australian MPs, including the co-chair of the Transnational Parliamentary Alliance on China Policy and Senator Kimberley Kitching of the Australian Labor Party. Kitchin expressed concern about the CCP’s use of the red warrant for political purposes.

INTERPOL is known as the second largest international organization after the United Nations. The organization has 194 member states and has an annual budget of more than 100 million euros.

The executive committee of the organization is composed of a chairman, three vice-chairmen and representatives of member states, a total of 13 people. The main tasks of the committee include supervising the implementation of the resolutions of the conference, drawing up the agenda of the conference, submitting work plans and programs to the conference, and supervising the daily work of the Secretary-General. ◇

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