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Bohrn Mena assaults the Greens

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Bohrn Mena assaults the Greens

Sebastian Bohrn Mena is now attacking the Greens immediately within the Schilling case. If you imply what you probably did to me that Lena Schilling created these lies about me and unfold them many occasions Something like that has a detrimental impact.

Sharp criticism of the ruling social gathering

He continues: “Now I’m accused of utilizing the “Silberstein strategies”? I, a descendant of the victims of Fascism, am accused of the narrative of an anti-Semitic authorities group? Indications are made for hair progress. . “I’ve requested a number of occasions in the previous couple of weeks to cease the assaults on my household.”

“The first threats have arrived”

Sebastian Bohrn Mena additionally studies on the menace he obtained: “Just a few days in the past I actually begged Olga Voglauer to cease making us scapegoats for what her candidate is doing. Because I understand how harmful and harmful that’s for my household and it nonetheless could be. The first threats have arrived and the financial harm has already been carried out however what occurred right now scares me loads.

That’s what the Schilling case is all about

Schilling stated he was apprehensive about Veronika Born Mena – that is why he allegedly unfold rumors about home violence. He needed to signal a stop and desist declaration. After the cease-and-desist announcement was made public, Schilling defined that he made the allegations of violence “out of concern” for his ex-girlfriend Veronika Bohrn Mena. According to Sebastian Bohrn Mena, Veronika Bohrn Mena’s husband, this was “a lie”.

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