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Caravan Palace, review of Gangbusters Melody Club (2024)

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Caravan Palace, review of Gangbusters Melody Club (2024)

The French group Caravan Palace It has been proving for almost two decades that its robot’s batteries will never run out. This is demonstrated by his new work, “Gangbusters Melody Club”, a crazy mix in which jazz, swing and disco sound are trending again. In this fifth studio album –second since they ventured to create their own label–, the group maintains its characteristic sound, although it subtly distances itself from its previous “Chronological” (19): this time the voltage is higher than ever.

Addictive and crazy themes that hide genres in every measure: the group’s playful and experimental spirit is palpable at all times. Sound is king, and it matters little whether or not the lyrics make much sense. Proof of this are the samples that pepper practically every song and with which they achieve that antique dimension that works so well for them. Because Caravan Palace combine old fashion with electronic, house or big beat without sounding like “copy-paste”. Not at all. Theirs is a vintage sound capable of maintaining a raging relevance.

Just like “Lone Digger” blew up the Internet in 2015, “MAD” o “Mirrors” of this LP have once again exploded in networks. The merit also goes to his lunatic videos that complete this retro-futuristic universe (and that can even make you feel empathy for some animated cockroaches…). The splendidly “brasseada” and sunny “Reverse”, with the dark touch in its verses, makes one wish for a little more depth in the rest of the pieces, although the mastery in the production of “City Cook” – which has little to do with cooking – satisfies any complaint. In short, a basement jazz sound in its most pop side that moves anyone who dares to enter their club.

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