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Cases of Omicron on the inbound Dutch flight from South Africa increased to 18 | COVID-19 | Chinese Communist virus | Vaccine

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[Epoch Times December 4, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Li Yan comprehensive report) The Dutch health authorities stated on Saturday (December 4) that they were infected with the Omicron variant strain on two flights from South Africa last week. The final number of passengers was 18. On the same day, thousands of people gathered in a city in central Holland to protest against the new crown virus (CCV) restrictions that took effect last weekend.

The Netherlands Institute of Health (RIVM) added in a statement on Saturday that the investigation of the passengers on the two flights is now closed.

These flights took off on November 26, just before the Dutch government introduced a new round of travel restrictions in response to a variant of the Omicron coronavirus (Chinese Communist virus).

After arriving at Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands, more than 600 passengers on the two flights were quarantined and tested for COVID-19 (the disease caused by the Chinese Communist virus). Among them, 61 tested positive, and 18 of these patients were infected. The Omicron variant first reported recently by South Africa.

According to the anti-epidemic regulations at the time, these passengers were able to board KLM flights from Johannesburg and Cape Town. They either had a vaccination certificate or had a recent negative test result for COVID-19.

According to previous reports from Reuters, as of Thursday, 14 people on the two flights were found to be infected with the Omicron variant strain, and all of them had been fully vaccinated. A spokesperson for the Kennemerland Health Bureau where Schiphol Airport is located said the test results were positive. “About 90%” of the 61 people who were positive were vaccinated.

RIVM said that those who test positive but have no symptoms can leave the quarantine area on Saturday, while others will continue to stay.

The agency did not specify how many passengers were allowed to be released from quarantine. And out of “privacy”, the authorities did not disclose whether any of the 18 passengers infected with the Omicron variant had ended quarantine.

The Dutch Institute of Health calls for testing instead of vaccination

Faced with the infection rate of passengers from South Africa, the Netherlands Institute of Health has called for tests to replace the vaccination certificates for airplane passengers.

The head of infectious diseases at the Dutch Institute of Health, Jaap van Dissel, testified before parliament on Wednesday: “Test before departure…Test again five days after arrival. Knowing what is going on can make the flight safer. “

He also recommended isolation and quarantine for travelers from high-risk areas.

The Dutch government has not yet adopted the recommendations of the Dutch Institute of Health, but hopes that any decision can be made at the EU level. France, Portugal and Ireland have adopted similar policies. That is, only negative results of the PCR test 48 hours before arrival are accepted, and the test must be carried out regardless of the vaccination situation.

Countries around the world are tightening flight regulations after the discovery of Omicron. This strain is called a “worrying variant” by the World Health Organization (WHO), which means it may resist vaccination and prolong the current pandemic.

As for how deadly Omicron is, it has been the focus of global attention. The WHO said on Friday that Omicron has a strong spread. It is too early to draw conclusions on the severity of Omicron’s symptoms two weeks after it was first discovered.

Protests broke out again in the Netherlands

Thousands of people gathered in the central Dutch city of Utrecht on Saturday to protest the coronavirus restrictions that took effect last weekend.

These measures include closing bars, restaurants and most shops at night to stop the record wave of COVID-19 cases. A new wave of epidemics is threatening the country’s healthcare system.

The protesters walked across the streets with the banner of “Long Live Medical Freedom” and waving the Dutch flag. A large number of police officers can be seen along the parade route.

Many protesters condemned the increasing pressure caused by the Dutch government’s epidemic prevention measures. If they want to participate in social activities, they must be vaccinated.

Two weeks ago, the government announced a new round of epidemic prevention plan, prohibiting most unvaccinated people from entering bars, restaurants and other public places. Violent protests occurred in many cities. However, these anti-epidemic plans have been widely opposed in the parliament, including from all parties in the ruling coalition, so they have not yet been implemented.

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