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Concert by Vasco Rossi, workers’ van and equipment stolen in front of their hotel

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Concert by Vasco Rossi, workers’ van and equipment stolen in front of their hotel

For two nights they had slept in a hotel in the Via Montepellegrino area and everything had gone smoothly. This morning, however, they went out to recover the van and reach Renzo Barbera to prepare the concert by Vasco Rossi when they realized that someone had stolen their Fiat Ducato and all the equipment. It is the misadventure of a team of workers who work for Live Nation entertainment, the company that takes care of and manages the arrangements for the tour of the singer from Zocca. The owner of the vehicle filed a complaint with the Carabinieri who started an investigation.

Concert by Vasco Rossi, here is the lineup

Inside that van, which had made it through the previous two nights unscathed, was some of the equipment the workers would use to erect the metal stage and towers. “We are the so-called riggers, that is,” he explains PalermoToday one of them, Matteo De Gregorio – those who work at height. The vehicle belonged to a colleague who, among other things, will have to return to Aosta by plane or train. Despite the huge damage, there are no problems for the Palermo concert. We cannot say the same for the next stage, in Salerno, where we will have to find some solution to avoid inconvenience”.

The Fiat Ducato, license plate EX696LP, was parked outside the accommodation facility, in via Biagio Petrocelli. “We tried to do a few laps in the hope of finding it, but there was nothing we could do,” concludes De Gregorio. The soldiers of the Arma have acquired the images of some cameras installed in the area in the hope that they have filmed the thieves at work or the escape route taken aboard the van.

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A similar episode occurred on May 19, on the occasion of Meg’s concert in Palermo. The former singer of 99 Posse and her group were staying in a hotel in the San Lorenzo area and that same evening they were supposed to perform at the Candelai. On that occasion the thieves had gone as far as inside the parking lot of the structure, stealing the van loaded with equipment within hours of the event. After several searches the policemen found the vehicle in Cardillo and the concert was able to take place regularly.

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