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Coronavirus today. China, Tianjin in partial lockdown after 40 Omicron infections

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Schools are reopening throughout Italy, with the fear of soon having to apply the DAD due to the spread of infections. According to the Minister of Education, Bianchi, it is possible that today there is a lack of staff but – he assures – “schools are a safe place”. The real-time update on the progress of the epidemic

Coronavirus, from the vaccination requirement for those over 50 to the basic pass at the bank and at the hairdresser
  • Undue Green pass release in Ancona, 50 pre-trial detention orders

    The policemen of the Ancona Mobile Squad have been carrying out 50 precautionary measures in numerous provinces for corruption, ideological falsehood and embezzlement committed in competition by as many suspects, involved in numerous corruption events, aimed at the undue issue of the Green pass. Pre-trial detention in prison was applied to a professional nurse in charge of vaccinations in a vaccination center in Ancona, and the extent of house arrest against four people considered to be intermediaries in corrupt acts and in the undue issue of the Green pass. Forty-five recipients of the precautionary measure of the obligation to stay in the municipality of residence and the obligation of daily presentation to the judicial police.

  • Ricciardi: “This time science ignored, we will immediately return to Dad”

    “Decisions are not being made on the basis of scientific evidence. This will not stop the pandemic. And the schools will close de facto, because remote teaching will start with the infections in the classroom “. Professor Walter Ricciardi, consultant of the Ministry of Health and full professor of Hygiene at the Catholic University of Rome, told the Messenger, explaining: “There is not just a problem of reopening schools. On the whole, the measures taken are not based on the scientific evidence to which we wanted to derogate. And this is dangerous. The situation is explosive. With Omicron we cannot afford to circulate false negatives. It was necessary to apply the obligation of the Super green pass, obtained only with the vaccine or with the overcoming of the infection, to all activities. All. And the obligation to vaccinate only for those over 50 is not enough “. “It would be useful for all workers, of any age, who are in contact with the public. For example the cashier of the supermarket, the driver of a bus, the employee at the counter of the post office or a public office. Vaccination obligation for everyone. To limit the circulation of the virus, but also to protect these workers “.

  • Greco (Cts): it is not the school that increases the number of infections

    “It is not the school that is driving the infection and the CTS has already emphasized this many other times in the past. Of course, it is true that he has not spoken recently, after all we only give opinions on the questions that are put to us “. This was stated by Donato Greco, infectious disease specialist and epidemiologist, member of the CTS, in an interview with Repubblica. “The CTS has embraced the government line, to do everything possible to keep schools open. And out of 59 meetings, we 10 members in the end always reached unanimity. It is not a little, ”said the scientist who led Prevention of both the Higher Institute of Health and the Ministry of Health.

    “There may be more infections but in part they will be due to this frenzy of school screenings, those made with salivary, scientifically insipid”, then declared Greco about the reopening of schools. “The vaccination obligation? It was a defeat, the citizens should have joined all of their will. But at this point there was no other way ”, concluded Greco.

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